A young woman kisses her cat on a sunny afternoon in the winter.

28 Cat Point-Of-View Captions For The Winter & Feline Cozy On The 'Gram

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When winter comes around, your cat is in cozy mode. They may spend hours watching snowflakes fall onto your windowsill and taking naps indoors where it's warm and comfy. Oftentimes, you catch yourself wondering what they're thinking about, especially when they're purring on the couch with you. These cat point-of-view captions for the winter are a purr-fect glimpse into their life and what has them feline good in the chilliest months of the year.

Honestly, they likely love that you're working from home and can spend more time with them in the afternoon. Although it may not be ideal for your cat to climb onto your keyboard or make an appearance during an important Zoom meeting, you still love having them as a coworker. You may encourage them to sit on your lap while you sip coffee, plan out your day, and listen to Taylor Swift's evermore album. They'll inspire you for cat point-of-view captions, too, so you can document each day at home with your furry friend.

Not only is working remotely with your cat in the winter the ultimate situation, it's also a great opportunity to capture some sweet content. So, the next time your cat is taking a nap on your knit sweater or cuddled up by a snowy window while you work, pull out your phone for a pic. Snap photos at different angles, making sure to get the cutest items within the frame. Then, post your favorite photo with one of these cat point-of-view captions for the winter.

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1. "This is my version of purr-adise."

2. "The dog really tried to steal my spot on the couch..."

3. "Go outside? No thanks."

4. "There's really snow place like your pawrent's lap."

5. "On snow days, we snuggle."

6. "Winter hikes aren't really my thing. I like long walks on top of my human's laptop."

7. "Just looking for a mitten to play with. How about you?"

8. "I'm the 'stay inside and watch movies' kind of cat."

9. "Winter is the worst season. Fur real."

10. "Starting a petition that my human can take a nap on every winter afternoon."

11. "Did somebody say warm milk?"

12. "Can't talk right now, I'm trying on winter #looks."

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13. "Just your average purr-ito."

14. "Pour yourself another cat-puccino. It's winter."

15. "Despite the snow, I'm feline pretty good."

16. "I'm fluffier than the snow. It's official."

17. "I demand summer right meow."

18. "Keeping my eye on the snow. It seems like it's up to something."

19. "Cozy is my middle name."

20. "I love you to the fireplace and back."

21. "Another cold day? You've got to be kitten me right now."

22. "Thank goodness I'm an indoor cat."

23. "Whether it's winter or not, I'm always a ball of warmth."

24. "Sorry for my cat-itude. I don't like winter very much."

25. "Summer is coming. Just stay paw-sitive."

26. "Trying to run faster than the wind today. Stay tuned."

27. "We've been playing hide and go seek all winter. I'm winning."

28. "Snuggle, sleep, repeat."