A happy woman looks at her phone with her cat sleeping next to her.

30 Funny IG Story Captions For Your Cat Who You Love The Meowst


There's not a day that goes by where your cat doesn't do something adorable. You're constantly snapping pics and cute videos of your fur baby napping or chasing lasers around the room. Since you have so much quality content, you need Instagram Story captions for cats to post every day of the week. You definitely need to share your photos, because your phone storage is always filling up from snapping away.

Since you don't want to clog your feed with cat pic after cat pic, you might as well take it to your IG Story. Stories are a great way to share a bunch of photos and videos for your friends to see, without fear of overdoing it. To take your cat pics to the next level, you can always add a cute Gif, filter, or silly pun. Captions aren't just for your feed anymore. You can put whatever text you want in your story as well. So, use that cat pun that makes you LOL with a silly snap of your kitten enjoying some catnip, or use a sweet quote to go with a sleeping cat pic that's sure to make your friends say, "Aww."

Since you always feel the need to post pictures of your cat to your Story, you'll need as many captions as possible. To avoid having to come up with them all on your own, here are 30 cat captions you can use. All you need to do is copy, paste, and get right back to having a fur real fun time with your kitten.


1. "Here's a pic of my cat to start your day on a pawsitive note."

2. "Just kitten around with my fur baby."

3. "A day without you would be just clawful."

4. "I'm so furtunate to have you in my life."

5. "OK, quick poll: Should I feed my cat chicken or fish today?"

6. "On a scale of cute to adorable, where does my cat stand?"

7. "The snuggle is real with this one. Comment below what movie we should watch together."

8. "Felt cute, but not as cute as my kitten."

9. "My cat is my best furend furever."

10. "My cat thinks it's hiss-terical to keep knocking pens off my desk."

11. "Paw-don me, while I show off how cute my cat is."

12. "Any day with you is a paw-some day."

13. "I'm feline good."

14. "Sorry, I don't want to disturb my cat's nap, so I'm stuck here forever."

15. "Have you ever seen a floof this cute? Fur real, I want to know."


16. "I want to say thanks fur the memories, and give a shoutout to Instagram for reminding me of them."

17. "I'm pretty sure my cat is saying, 'Check meowt.'"

18. "I'm pawsitive you're going to want to watch this whole video."

19. "Sound on for some serious purrs."

20. "I knead you to see this video of my cat right meow."

21. "Thanks fur watching my story. Here's a pic of my cat for stopping by."

22. "Another reason why the internet was made for cats."

23. "My cat is a #NoFilter kind of pet."

24. "Someone's got some major purr-sonality."

25. "We're just here for the appaws."

26. "This side of the bed is mine. The rest is my cat's."

27. "I don't know how my cat thinks this is a comfortable napping position."

28. "Ain't no meowntain enough high to keep me from getting to mew."

29. "It's OK if you want to paws this story and look at my cat all day. It's what I like to do."

30. "I love my cat the meowst."