A woman looks down and holds her cat in her arms at home.

28 Cat Point Of View Captions That Are Adorable & Clever


You understand your cat like no one else. You know exactly what their favorite food is, their favorite toy to play with, and where their favorite place to be scratched is. Since you are your cat's best mind reader, you probably could draft up more than a few cat point of view captions that are perfect for your sweet feline friend.

Loving your cat endlessly means your phone is currently filled with a ton of cute pics of them sleeping or chasing laser pointers around your home. To free up some storage space, you have a separate Instagram account for your cat to share each one of those "too adorable not to post" pics. Instead of using something more straightforward like, "taking a cat nap" or something punny like, "feline fine," you want to draft a witty caption from your cat's point of view.

Just imagine your cute little kitty typing up their own Instagram captions. It's an adorable thought, right? Well, that's what your followers will think of every time they read any of these 28 cat point of view captions you post. Just match what phrase you think your cat would say to whatever picture you want to post, and you've got something that's both hilarious and cute that everyone will instantly like.


1. "Please don't bother me, I'm trying to nap over here."

2. "What is that noise?!"

3. "One day, I'm going to catch that little red dot that keeps disappearing."

4. "I can sleep anywhere I'd like."

5. "If you put a sweater on me one more time, I will be very upset."

6. "I woke up like this." — Beyoncé, "Flawless"

7. "I apologize for how I acted when there was catnip around."

8. "I'm sorry, but if the couch isn't for scratching then don't have it out in the open."

9. "Oh, did you want to get up? Because I'm like really comfortable and would love for you to stay put forever."

10. "The laptop is very warm, so I must sit on it."

11. "I heard the internet loves cats, so here I am."

12. "Anyone who said, 'the snuggle is real' hasn't met me yet."

13. "Felt cute, might go chase a fake mouse later."

14. "I would get up, but I'm just so comfy right here."


15. "If you want me to come over there, you need to shake a bag of cat treats or open a can of something."

16. "Today, I might climb some furniture. I don't know. It's a thought."

17. "Sorry, I gotta go clean myself."

18. "Just look at how fluffy I am."

19. "Napping so much actually takes a lot of skill. Thank you very much."

20. "Sorry I ran out of the room so quickly. I saw a stranger."

21. "Everything the light touches is a place for me to take a nap on."

22. "If I meow, it's because I'm hungry again."

23. "Bae caught me sleeping."

24. "I'm the cutest napper in the world."

25. "These little dangling objects keep appearing, and I keep trying to catch them, but it's hard."

26. "Sorry for walking on your laptop, I was just trying to send you a lovely email."

27. "I can sit here, right?"

28. "If I fit, I will sit."