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28 Beach Captions That Aren't Basic, Because These Are The Days Off You Live For

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For the rest of the summer, you only have one thing on your schedule: going to the beach. So far, you may have hopped on planes to other countries and danced until midnight with your besties in beautiful places. You've scored a bunch of passport stamps, gone camping, and checked a few items off your bucket list. Now, it's time you relax in a hammock that's nestled into the coastline, with a good book, a bottle of sunscreen, and an oversized hat. Soon enough, you'll be drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so you can't let the extra sunshine go to waste. Here's a quick question: Do you need some beach captions that aren't basic for those beach days? I think so, because these are the days off you live for.

When it's winter and you're bundled up in your go-to blanket scarves and sweaters, you daydream about the moments when your toes are in the sand. You imagine taking a dip in the teal waters of the West Coast, playing volleyball, and leaving a little saltwater wherever you go. But then, you always snap back to reality and realize that bonfires, bathing suits, and barbecues are, well, months away. They're well after all the pictures on your Instagram of snow-covered skylines and mugs filled with warm coffee.

In that moment, you might think, "Honestly, thank goodness, because I don't have any captions prepared." You don't have any unique quotes written down in a note on your phone, or clever puns for summer that'll make your followers like and comment. You only have some caption ideas that might be considered a bit #basic like, "Sea you on the next wave," and, "Girls just want to have sun." (TBH, using them wouldn't be a bad thing. They're tried and true!)

Let me give you a few captions for your beach day, though, that'll be so perfect for your day off with the sand, sun, and surf. They'll capture the good vibes and tan lines, and make your content stand out on social media.

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1. "A little beach day lovin'."

2. "One sun beam at a time."

3. "The more tan lines the merrier."

4. "Summer, please never end."

5. "These are the days off we live for."

6. "What's up, MTV. Welcome to my beach."

7. "The beach looks beautiful on you."

8. "You either love the beach, or you're wrong."

9. "I love summer with my whole heart."

10. "90 percent tan and 10 percent sunburnt."

11. "First, she's salty. Then, she's sweet."

12. "I went to the beach today, so I'm pretty happy and sunburnt."

13. "It always feels like summer when I'm with you."

14. "Just a few pictures from my beach day."

15. "Being near the ocean is everything I need."

16. "I'm wearing sunscreen and sweat. Thanks for asking."

17. "Serious question: Can somebody teach me how to surf?"

18. "You are the entire ocean in a drop." — Rumi

19. "What if the waves get bigger, to make you stronger?"

20. "Trading the skyscrapers for some beach umbrellas."

21. "Love her but leave her wild." — Atticus

22. "Oh, what a world." — Kacey Musgraves, "Oh, What A World"


23. "It's no secret that summer is my favorite season."

24. "Tag someone you want to go to the beach with."

25. "Aloe you vera much."

26. "Getting kissed by the sun."

27. "Feelin' sunny side up."

28. "Easy, breezy, and beachy."

Let's be honest: It can be hard to stretch your imagination and come up with a witty or clever caption for social media. That's because it seems like everything has been done before, from the iced coffee puns to the sunset-related quotes. But, with the right help, your beach day pics can stand out amongst the rest. They can show your followers you love your days off with the sand, sun, and surf. In fact, you live for them, and all the other summer days to come.

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