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26 Captions For Holiday Weddings & Having A Merry Little Time


If you're attending a wedding or saying "I do" over the holidays, you're in for some truly magical moments and vibes. Be sure to gather up captions for holiday 2019 weddings before you go, and have a merry little time. Whether you're a guest or the one getting married, you'll be in celebration mode on the day of and likely not want to worry about your Instagram account.

If you're sitting in the crowd, you'll be writing sweet notes to the happy couple on a wooden log, making s'mores by a fire pit in your sparkly attire, or reaching for tissues as the two lovebirds recite their vows. If you're wearing a white dress or suit and slipping a ring on your partner's finger, then you may be sharing a kiss under a little sprig of mistletoe and falling even more in love amongst the roses and snow.

You'll be dancing until midnight in a venue that's decorated with festive details, and has a dessert table with holiday-themed cookies and treats. The last thing on your mind may be making a post on social media and coming up with a caption that's as merry and bright as your night. Here are 26 captions for holiday weddings you can use when you want to pull out your phone and post.


1. "Having a merry little time with my love."

2. "Let's sleigh together forever."

3. "Walking in a wedding wonderland."

4. "I'm dreaming of happily ever after."

5. "All I want for the holidays is you."

6. "'Tis the season to be merry and get married."

7. "Wedding kisses and holiday wishes."

8. "The tree's not the only thing getting #lit at this wedding."

9. "Merry everything and a happy always."

10. "Tonight's wedding rules: eat, drink, and be merry."

11. "Believe in the magic of the holidays."

12. "It's going to be a December to remember."

13. "Jingling down the aisle."

14. "Oh what fun it is to celebrate love."

15. "Dancing with all my jingle ladies"

16. "You're my favorite present, like, ever."

17. "Together is the most beautiful place to be."

18. "Spending the rest of my life with this hot-tea."


19. "They're so peppermint to be."

20. "Life with you is always snow much fun."

21. "Fa la la-ling in love with you more every day."

22. "Getting married during the holidays? That has a nice ring to it."

23. "Snow much more than a feeling."

24. "If snowflakes were kisses, I'd send you a blizzard."

25. "Cheers, my reindeers."

26. "Baby, it's our wedding outside."

If you're sipping mulled wine at the holiday wedding or you're planning a bridal shower before the big day, there are captions for that too. Full disclosure: They're loaded with puns, but will show your followers you're having a merry little time while surrounded by the best love.