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28 Captions For Mulled Wine & Loving On Your Cold Weather Drink

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What's on the menu for this weekend? Are you going to order pizza with your roommates? Or are you going to break out the orange slices and cinnamon sticks in your kitchen, and finally conquer the mulled wine recipe you saved on your foodie Pinterest board? If so, then you need these captions for mulled wine.

A warm drink that's been garnished with star anise and poured into one of your many festive mugs deserves to be on the 'Gram. It's made to be enjoyed with friends on a particularly snowy day, and posted amongst the selfies and adventurous pics on your feed. Unlike your typical glasses of wine, your mulled wine doesn't come straight from a bottle — it's made with love, a slow cooker, and lots of delicious ingredients that'll put you in a cozy winter #mood. Give it a spotlight on social media like so.

Show off its best and tastiest angles, whether that be from above, where you can see the rich tones of purple, pink, and orange, or snuggled into your hands. Edit your final product with a dreamy preset, or a filter with a warm and vintage-looking grain. Then, like the last creative steps of a recipe, add one of these 28 captions for mulled wine and loving on your cold weather drink to your post.


1. "Let's mull it over some wine."

2. "Ask yourself, 'Wine not?'"

3. "Bra off. Hair up. Mulled wine poured."

4. "I make grape decisions."

5. "Spice, spice, baby."

6. "Love the mulled wine you're with."

7. "Sip happens, mulled wine helps."

8. "It's officially mulled wine weather."

9. "Be as merry as your mulled wine."

10. "Having a grape time."

11. "But first, mulled wine."

12. "Smile. There's mulled wine here."

13. "Even my wine is getting into the holiday spirit."

14. "Don't be afraid to spice things up. Wine, included."

15. "Good friends and good mulled wine."

16. "Coffee keeps me going until it's time for mulled wine."

17. "Wanna make some mulled wine with me?"

18. "I don't give a sip about anything but this mulled wine."

19. "Alexa, pour me some more mulled wine."

20. "If you got the mulled wine, I got the time."


21. "Does running out of mulled wine count as cardio?"

22. "Red lips and wine sips."

23. "And in the winter, we drink mulled wine."

24. "This mulled wine is all mine."

25. "I've got a lot of holiday spirit."

26. "Where there's a cup of mulled wine, there's a way."

27. "Friends don't let friends drink average wine."

28. "Drinkin' mulled wine and feelin' fine."

Once you've hit the "share" button, wait for the likes and comments to roll in. Odds are, at least one of your friends will ask you for your recipe, or try and recreate your positively grape photo shoot. On the other side of the screen, you'll likely be sipping your mulled wine and enjoying everything this season has to offer.

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