A blonde girl sits in a bar with red lighting in the winter with a holiday drink in her hands.

28 Holiday Drink Captions That'll Totally Sleigh On The 'Gram

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On the chilliest days of the year, you may love throwing on some fuzzy socks, cuddling up on your couch, and sipping hot chocolate. While you're holding your favorite mug in one hand, you may be searching for holiday drink captions with the other. It's a delicate balancing act, because you don't want to spill a single drop of your sweet treat or accidentally scroll past a quote from Love Actually or Elf. But sometimes, you realize you'd be better off putting your phone down and taking life one thing at a time.

So, you grab a spoon from the kitchen and begin stirring the whipped cream into your drink. You may enjoy the gigantic marshmallows before they inevitably melt, and think about winter puns you could include like, "Snow place like home," and "Feelin' frost-tea."

After reaching the bottom of the mug, you may get back to your caption search. You might text your best friends in your group chats for some #inspo and advice, and get their second opinion on the edit you chose for your festive selfie from the holiday market. They may tell you to pour another holiday drink and throw some candy canes in the frame to make it look extra sweet and social media-worthy.

That's not a bad idea. And as long as you include one of these 28 captions for holiday drinks, your post will totally sleigh on the 'Gram.


1. "Friends who make holiday drinks together, sleigh together."

2. "You're never too old for hot chocolate, marshmallows, and holiday movies."

3. "It's officially hot chocolate weather."

4. "Sipping as many holiday drinks as possible."

5. "There's snow place like home."

6. "I don't give a sip about anything but the holidays."

7. "Even my mug is getting into the holiday spirit."

8. "It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails."

9. "Be as merry as your drink."

10. "Snow happens, cozy drinks help."

11. "Walking in a winter wonderland with my hot drink."

12. "Have yourself a merry little holiday."

13. "Ordering every cinnamon-flavored drink I can find."

14. "Me and my holiday drink? Oh, it was love at frost sight."

15. "I'm sorry for the things I said when I was cold."

16. "I love winter mornings with my favorite mug most of all."

17. "Drinking tea and spilling the tea."

18. "'Tis the season to drink holiday drinks."


19. "I've never met a holiday drink I didn't like."

20. "If it comes with a candy cane, count me in."

21. "Sweet like a pack of marshmallows."

22. "Cute mug? Check. Holiday drink? Check."

23. "This drink will cure every resting Grinch face."

24. "A holiday drink a day keeps the Grinches away."

25. "Cheers, my reindeers."

26. "Season's greetings from my apartment."

27. "Stay cozy, babe."

28. "Holiday drink vibes."

Once you find a few captions you like, be sure to write them down on your phone, so you don't need to search for them again. That way, you can also sip your holiday drink and enjoy the chilliest days of winter with zero interruptions or worries. In the back of your mind, you'll know you have a bunch of captions that'll sleigh on the 'Gram, and make your mugs, cocoa, and candy canes look so merry and bright.

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