A woman dressed in a cap, fluffy coat, and gloves drinks hot chocolate at snowy holiday market.

27 Captions For Holiday Markets That'll Make Your Posts Merry & Bright


When the holidays arrive, coming up with a list of clever captions for holiday markets may be the last thing on your mind. You may be more concerned about what you're going to get for an upcoming gift exchange, or which weekend you'll pull out your mixing bowls and recipe books and bake snowman-shaped cookies.

This season comes with a bucket list of things to do, see, and eat. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the local mall, perfecting your gift wrapping skills, and watching movies like The Grinch and Home Alone simply take priority. You might love finding a parking spot right near the door to the store, despite all of the cars that are around, or spending hours online scrolling through gift guides. Not to mention, you likely go to the holiday markets every weekend and wander by every stand.

There are the bakeries that are selling freshly-made pies, and the artists who are making personalized ornaments that read, "Snow place like home," and "Snuggling weather." Without fail, you may pick up one of everything before rushing home with a bag of goodies to show your best friend, roomie, or significant other.

Do yourself a favor and post the glowing trees or your sweet finds from the holiday market with one of these 27 captions. Make the whole world feel merry and bright.


1. "Twinkly lights and holiday market nights."

2. "There's snow place like the holiday market."

3. "Everything is snow merry and bright here."

4. "It's starting to feel a lot like the holidays."

5. "Buying every ornament and chocolate-covered pretzel I see."

6. "Meet me at the holiday market."

7. "But first, let's go shopping at the holiday market."

8. "I've never met a holiday market I didn't like."

9. "Can holiday markets be a year-round thing? Thanks."

10. "You better believe this is my happy place."

11. "Season's greetings from the holiday market."

12. "This holiday market is snow freakin' cute."

13. "Coffee, holiday music, and markets."

14. "Hot chocolate and holiday market weather."

15. "Oh, deer. I'm so excited for the holidays."

16. "The holiday market is whatever you bake of it."

17. "Holiday markets? Always."

18. "May all your vibes say, 'Fa la la.'"


19. "Doing winter one holiday market at a time."

20. "Chillin' with my snowmies at the holiday market."

21. "When life gives you best friends, go to the holiday market."

22. "What's a better duo than the holidays and a market? I'll wait."

23. "Thank u, next holiday market."

24. "Those winter days at the holiday market."

25. "When it's almost the holidays..."

26. "Hello, holiday market."

27. "Put away your resting Grinch face. There's a holiday market in town."

If you're still not sure what to post, let me give you a few ideas. You can hit the "share" button on a selfie you took amongst the evergreen trees or on the merry-'go-round. You can pose with the snowflake-shaped sugar cookies at the bakery stand, or take a few close-ups of the ornaments for sale. Either way, your post will make your followers feel so merry and bright.