A group of friends party under confetti on New Year's Eve.

25 Clever New Year's Outfit Captions That Add Sparkle To Your Post

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Grab a confetti popper and put your party hat on, because it’s time to celebrate New Year's Eve. While you and your friends are getting ready for the festivities, the one thing you haven't waited until the last-minute to pick out is your outfit. You've browsed through many holiday sales racks and found the perfect glittery dress or velvet jumpsuit. As excited as you are for the ball to drop in Times Square and to kiss your crush at midnight, you can't wait to post a few pictures with clever New Year's outfit captions when you're all glammed up and ready to go.

Posting a picture is one of the top priorities on your agenda, right next to toasting to the new year and dancing the night away. You may snap a selfie with your friends, all decked out in glittery attire, or maybe you'll post a dancing candid that perfectly showcases your ensemble. Either way, a picture is necessary to ensure your #lewk lasts. After sifting through your phone to find the best snap to share, you'll want to have a caption ready to use.

With the countdown near, you shouldn't have to take any time away from celebrating. To help you out, I’m taking on the role of NYE fairy godmother. Though, instead of a pumpkin carriage or glass slippers, I've collected these captions just for you. Think of them like the right pair of shoes and clutch that put the proper finishing touch on whatever dress you choose to wear. Now, party on like a true sparkle queen.


1. "All dressed up with a whole year to go.”

2. “I can already tell this year is going to sparkle.”

3. "Decided to sparkle tonight.”

4. "Be a sequined dress in a sea of LBDs."

5. "Always dress like it's the last day of the year."

6. "I've decided to finish off the year in style."

7. "The Times Square Ball’s got nothing on me.”

8. "Heading into the new year sparkling from head to toe."

9. "This Cinderella can't wait for midnight."

10. "A new year means 365 outfit changes.”

11. “I’m ready for you, [insert year].”

12. "There's no such thing as too much sparkle on New Year's Eve."

13. "This dress is ready to be covered in confetti."

14. "I plan on wearing this outfit for the rest of the year because I love it so much."

15. "Dress for the year you want."

16. "May this year shine as bright as the sequins on my dress."

17. "Surround yourself with people who shine as bright as you."

18. "I decided to start the new year sparkling."

19. "New year, same me — because I'm already freakin' fabulous."

20. "Wishing you a new year as fabulous as my dress."

21. "No 'new year, new me' here. I plan on being the same fabulous self as always."

22. "I decided to save my best outfit for last."

23. "As long as I can dance in it, I'm happy."

24. "When meeting a new year, you want to dress to impress."

25."I dressed to match all the glitter that will be thrown around at midnight."

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