Two girls sit on a couch on New Year's Eve holding their champagne glasses.

30 Cute Captions For New Year's Toast Pics & Clinking Your Glass

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Whether you already have the perfect party dress picked out or not, New Year's Eve is happening — and soon. The glittery ball is ready in Times Square, and packs of glitter have been purchased for when the clock strikes midnight. No matter what you’re wearing and where you’ll be celebrating, you're going to need some cute captions for New Year's toast pics and clinking your glass on the 'Gram.

You’ll likely be with the people you love as the decade turns, and want to document the moment you exclaim, “Cheers!” Maybe you’ll be hanging on your couch and having a self-care night with your BFFs. Or maybe you’ll be out on the town, treating yourself to champagne and fancy cuisine with your love. Telling your loved ones what you're so grateful for, though, will be a requirement and it’s possibly what you're looking forward to the most.

That’s what toasts are all about, anyway — bringing your people together with love, inside jokes, and lots of prosecco. Get ready to raise your glass at midnight and let the good vibes and glitter roll. Oh, and post your toast on social media with one of these 30 captions for clinking glass pics.


1. "Once the prosecco pops, the fun doesn’t stop."

2. "Smile, there's bubbly here.”

3. "Here’s to the adventures to come."

4. "Until further notice, celebrate everything."

5. "Be bubbly, babe."

6. "Follow the glasses of champagne. They know the way."

7. "Bringing a little bubbly into 2020."

8. "Glitter, good vibes, and glasses of champagne."

9. "I'd like to make a toast — and some bacon and eggs, too."

10. "Catching flights of champagne in the new year. No ticket required."

11. "I just rescued some champagne. It was trapped in a bottle."

12. "Midnight made me do it."

13. "Making a toast with my favorite people."

14. "Worry a little less, pour a little more."

15. "Having bunches of fun together."

16. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Champagne is one of them."

17. "Surround yourself with positive people and prosecco."

18. "I'll be ready in a prosecco."

19. "Running on love, laughter, and lots of prosecco."

20. "Prosecco is the answer. What was the question?"

21. "These are the magical, prosecco-filled nights we live for."

22. "Note to self: This year is going to be a good one."

23. "Beautiful years start with a little bubbly."

24. "Going with the idea that midnight and this toast will change everything."

25. "Champagne is my favorite color."

26. "Our glasses are in a relationship now."

27. "I learned how to make toasts from watching ‘The Bachelor.’"

28. "Champagne? Always.

29. "All she does is cheers, cheers, cheers."

30. "Pop, fizz, clink.”

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