Three friends in sparkly dresses dance on the beach on New Year's Eve around sparklers and fireworks...

33 Captions For NYE 2019 That Are Bunches Of Fun

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On Dec. 31, you and your besties will be in celebration mode. You'll likely have sparklers in your hand and dance to the hottest hits from the past decade on a rooftop in the city. Or you may be snuggled up on your couch and reminiscing on the years that have gone by. Either way, you'll be having bunches of fun and want to document it all on Instagram with one of these New Year's Eve 2019 Instagram captions.

You'll want to remember what it was like to drink champagne under the stars or ride the subways at midnight while wearing a particularly fancy dress. Truth is, this New Year's Eve isn't like any other, because it marks the end of an era — 10 years that you might have spent traveling around the world, studying for major exams, or falling deeply in love. It also marks a unique beginning where you can lay out goals for the next 365 days of your life and beyond.

It may feel a little overwhelming at first. But once you wrap your head around how magical it's going to be when the ball drops and you begin the next chapter of your life, you might feel inspired to get started on your resolutions, and post straight-up sparkly pictures on social media. These New Year's Eve 2019 Instagram captions will be perfect for the fun-filled occasion.


1. "Be sparkly, babe."

2. "Put on your party pants."

3. "Kiss me at midnight, OK?"

4. "Cue the confetti. It's New Year's Eve."

5. "Fireworks and good feelings."

6. "Do more things that require sparklers."

7. "Glowing with the flow tonight."

8. "Step into the New Year's Eve party and let it go."

9. "Sparkling into the new year."

10. "The best Instagram post of the entire year."

11. "This might be our sparkliest adventure yet."

12. "Bringing a little sparkler into 2020."

13. "How is it already New Year's Eve?"

14. "Goodbye, 2019. We had something special."

15. "You always start a dance party in my heart."

16. "Having bunches of fun together."

17. "I don't even believe myself when I say I'll be ready in 5 minutes."

18. "These are the magical nights we live for."

19. "Let's turn New Year's Eve into a lifestyle."

20. "More than ready for 2020..."

21. "Remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now."

22. "I'll be ready in a prosecco."


23. "Throwing glitter in tonight's face."

24. "I love nights like this. That's what's up."

25. "On New Year's Eve, we wear something sparkly."

26. "We've been dreamin' of New Year's Eve."

27. "It's beginning to look a lot like a new decade."

28. "Merry everything and a happy always."

29. "What's coming is better than you may believe."

30. "My favorite color is glitter."

31. "Glitter, fireworks, and love are in the air."

32. "Here comes the fun."

33. "Thank u, next decade."

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