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24 Halloween Party Icebreakers That Make Flirting In Costume Way Easier Than You'd Expect


You're standing by the punchbowl, looking flawless. As you scan the room, you stop. There, through the fog machine and floating plastic ghouls, you spot them: the hottest person you have ever seen. Even though you don't really understand their costume (aw, they're artsy!), you can tell they're the one for you. As you approach them, you think about your opening line. "Hi," won't cut it, and, "What are you?" can seem a little boring.

You need some Halloween party icebreakers, and you need them fast.

A Halloween costume party is the perfect time to strike up a conversation with a stranger (or a friend of a friend who you've always had a little crush on, but never really got to talk to in-person). Sure, you spent more money on your costume than you should have. Yes, you took about seven hours to get ready, and your Lyft was triple the price it normally is because it's Halloweekend. But all that's behind you now, baby, because you're at the party, you're looking good, and you're going to make your move.

Here are 24 opening lines for a costume party that make flirting on Halloween as easy as (pumpkin) pie.

"So, who are you wearing?"

Pretend you're Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet and ask your crush who they're wearing. It's a funnier (and nicer!) way of asking, "What on earth is your costume?"

"Is this your 'going out' sword?"

Ask if any prop they have — a fun wig, a large box, a propeller hat — is their "going out" prop. This question is sure to get a laugh!

"Where'd you park your broom?"

Batmobile. Pirate ship. Horse. Hoover-board Tesla (maybe someone dressed up as Elon Musk?). Asking a cutie about their mode of transportation as it relates to their costume can be super creative and funny.

"Can you take my picture? I told my mom I'd send her one in my costume."

Asking a hottie at a party to take a picture of you can be a mellow way to get the conversation rolling. If you're wearing something really wild, this may be the perfect time to make a joke (for example: "You like this golden bikini? It's my grandma's!").

"So, come here often?"

This is especially funny if you're hosting the party.

"You have impeccable taste in *insert novelty object*!"

If your crush is carrying an amazing cauldron or wearing a super colorful cape, try complimenting their taste and be as oddly specific as possible.

7." Did you get your makeup done at Sephora? It looks great!"

Asking someone about their makeup, especially if they're covered in fake blood or obviously trying to look scary, can be a silly way to bring up their costume.

"I'd offer to give you my number, but do *insert costume* have cell phones?"

Do bees have cellphones? Do pirates? Does Elon Musk?

"Where on earth did you find a *insert prop*?"

Honestly, complimenting someone's outfit or asking where they got something is an easy way to start a conversation all year long.

"A quote or reference to whatever they're dressed up as."

There's no better feeling than making a reference and someone totally getting it. If a cutie is dressed as your favorite character from Stranger Things or their Kacey Musgraves costume made you do a double-take, making a reference or quoting something related to the costume can form an instant connection.

"If I ask you out, you're not going to *ghost* me, right?"

This is funny if they are dressed as a ghost, and just as topical if they're not.

"*Gives them candy corn.* I know this is a little corny, but you’re costume is pretty sweet."

I'm not sure whether all adult parties have bowls of candy, but they should. Either way, it may be best to come prepared.

"You look so great in that costume, it’s hard to imagine how good you’d look out of it."

OK, so this is really direct. But maybe you're hopped up on candy corn and really feeling yourself?

"Your costume looks really intricate, will you need help taking it off?"

Again, this is quite direct. It's great to be confident, but be sure to read the room before sliding in with a super steamy comment.

"Is this a partner costume? Because I’m pretty sure you’re missing your other half."

This is just sappy and I love it.

"We dressed up tonight, but maybe tomorrow we can dress down."

If you're feeling really spicy, follow this up with an invitation to dinner or coffee later in the week.

"If I ask you out, will you wear this cape?"

Making a joke about them donning something that they're currently wearing (devil horns, a large hat, a Superman suit, etc.) on a date is sure to get a LOL.

18. "I really appreciate how much effort you put into your costume!"

Being earnest and kind can be the sexiest opening line of all. If you go all out on Halloween, your perfect date may do the same.

"I never do this, but I’m feeling super confident tonight."

If you're dressed up as a superhero or your costume is making you feel yourself, tap into your powers!

"I hope this isn't a trick because you you look like a treat."

"Treat" is like the Halloween version of "snack."

"Why don't we make like ghosts and get under some sheets?"

Something that's equal levels of sexy and silly is sure to break the ice.

"I don't like my costume, can I go as your date?"

This also works if you forgot your costume, aren't super into Halloween, or your friends made you go out.

"Know what's really spooky? How cute we'd look together."

Then ask them to take a selfie with you! Or don't. Maybe ask for their number instead!

"I'm not dressed as a ghost, but I'll be your boo."

Again, this can work if you are dressed up as a ghost, too.

"Maybe next year we can try a couples costume."

Here's hoping!

Of course, something low-key like, "Hi, it's nice to meet you!" or, "I like your costume," can work, too. Though you never need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, Halloween is a night to face your fears. Striking up a conversation with a cutie or asking a total hottie to get a drink with you can make your Halloween party all treats and no tricks.