This Is Why A Halloween Party Is Actually An Amazing First Date Spot

There are a lot of really scary things to do to celebrate Halloween — venture through haunted houses, go on creepy hay rides, and check your savings account balance... but what about going on a first date? The phrase "first date" might be enough to send a chill down your spine, but let me tell you why a Halloween party is the best first date. First of all, there's safety in numbers so you and your date will be surrounded by other revelers, ready to help you out should first date chatter fizzle out. Secondly, you'll learn instantly if your date is game for an adventure or at the very least, an unconventional first date.

There's something infectious and fun about Halloween. For kids, Halloween is magical, you get to wear a fun costume, and strangers give you candy and it’s not creepy. For adults, Halloween is magical for other reasons. You still get to wear a fun costume, candy is served along with yummy cocktails, and there are parties galore. The escapist thrill of Halloween is fun and freeing, setting the tone perfectly for a first date! So this Halloween, here's why you should considering asking someone out.

You'll Learn A Lot About Them

Watching how someone acts at a party will tell you a lot about them. Do they sit in the corner or rock out in the middle of the dance floor? Do they have a few drinks or get completely hammered? Do they make chit-chat with your friends or do they stand there awkwardly? Are they the one person too cool to come in costume or are they a shoo-in to win the costume contest? While sitting across from your date at drinks is a totally fine way to get to know someone, going to a Halloween party will be really informative... and fun!

You'll Feel Less Pressure

There's a lot of pressure associated with a first date — what do you wear, where do you go, and what do you talk about? Going to a Halloween party aleviates a lot of these pressures because you'll be wearing a costume, you know where you're going (the party), and there will be so much going on that you'll have plenty to talk about! You'll both also be out of your comfort zones in a fun way, feeling festive, and and if the date falls flat? You can always tell the story of your bizarre Halloween party date.

You Can Finally Have A Couples' Costume

When you think of holidays that are tough for single people, you might not think of Halloween. But if you're the only single person in your crew and everyone else has great couples' costumes, you might feel less than festive. What better way to avoid this then to suggest you and your date coordinate costumes? From Bonnie and Clyde to Bacon and Eggs, there are endless ways to playfully make it clear you and your date are together, are a team, and connected... at least for the night!

If you're not a Halloween person or are in a dating rut, going on a Halloween first date could be just the way to shake things up. With everyone in costume and ready to party, you and your date have the chance to interact in the world in a way you wouldn't any other night of the year. Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and since I'm currently single, I'm going to take my own advice and set up a Halloween party first date. Perhaps Halloween will be my future anniversary or perhaps I'll have a great story about the strangest Halloween ever... but either way, I'm going to have a good time!

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