24 Comments To Leave On Instagram For Couples That Go Beyond Just Heart Emojis

Instagram is a one-stop destination for dreamy travel pics, delicious foodie snaps, artsy #OOTD shots, couple selfies... and the list goes on. There's nothing that deserves a sweet comment and cute emoji more than an adorable picture of your friends who are dating. Though, you can say much more than just a few red hearts if you have the right comments to leave on Instagram for couples.

Every so often when I'm scrolling through my feed, I see a cute anniversary post that includes throwbacks to when my friends first started dating, up until now. In addition, there's always the occasional date night selfie, and the most exciting posts of all are engagement announcements and wedding photos. When you see something that lovely, you quickly click "add a comment," because you support the heck out of this pairing. Likes are a great start, but comments are where you really show how much you love a particular post.

Sometimes, you're so enamored by a picture that you're at a loss for words. That's where I come in to save the day with these 24 comments for couples that I've assembled just for you. They'll work for just about every pic you see on the 'Gram. Of course, you can always just leave heart emojis, but these words will come in handy for when you want to spice things up and show how much you really care.

For A Couple's Vacation Snaps:


1. "You two were mermaid for each other."

2. "I love seaing you two together."

3. "Look at those beach baes."

4. "Mermaid to be."

5. "I love that you've found your perfect travel partner."

For Their Couple Selfies:


6. "The cutest peas in a pod I've ever seen."

7. "#CoupleGoals right there."

8. "You guys should warn people before you're going post something this cute."

9. "You guys just stole a pizza my heart."

10. "You guys are too cute. I can't deal RN."

For Anniversary Posts:


11. "Congrats on another year of being my favorite couple ever."

12. "You two make me believe in happily ever after."

13. "I can't wait to see the next chapter of your love story."

14. "I love love, because of you guys."

15. "I knew today was a good day. Wishing you another year of love and happiness."

For Exciting Engagement Announcements:

Viacheslav Iakobchuk/Fotolia

16. "Ugh, finally! Congrats to my favorite couple."

17. "Watching you two is like watching my favorite Disney movie IRL."

18. "I'm not crying, you're crying. (JK, I'm actually happy crying.)"

19. "Is there a way to love this picture, because I just clicking 'like' over and over?"

20. "Someone call a doctor, because you guys just made my heart skip a beat."

For Any Pic That Makes You Smile Extra Big:


21. "What a pearfect couple."

22. "I must be the Grinch, because my heart just grew three sizes looking at this pic."

23. "Got a toothache from how sweet this picture is."

24. "You know what they say... couples who slay together, stay together."