22 'Riverdale' IG Captions For Couples Who Are Totally Endgame

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Fact: Riverdale is cuckoo-bananas in the best kind of way. The series' plot lines have included a farm that harvests organs, a killer called the Gargoyle King, and tickle porn, but IMO, the most compelling part of Riverdale is its endlessly dramatic romantic relationships. Whether you're Team Varchie, Veggie, Barchie, or Bughead, I've got plenty of ideas for cute Riverdale Instagram captions for couples' pics that even Jughead would appreciate. (For the record, I think Choni is by far the best couple on the series. Don't @ me.)

Admittedly, Riverdale is typically more dark and dreary than swoon-worthy (though the shows has had plenty of hot-and-heavy scenes over the seasons). However, there are still plenty of Riverdale quotes that make for A+ Instagram captions, ranging from totally cheesy to genuinely romantic. You don't have to even be a fan of the series to use one of these iconic quotes for your next IG couples' pic.

1. "Be the Jay to my Bey?" — Veronica

2. "Like Romeo and Juliet, but we live happily ever after instead." — Betty

3. "I love you. And there's nothing you could ever say that would change that." — Archie

4. "I'm cuckoo-bananas for you, obvi." — Cheryl

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5. "We're both so lucky, I mean, don't you think? To have found the people that we're meant to be with?" — Betty

6. "I just want to let you know that I love you. I’ll never stop loving you." — Jughead

7. "When I first met you… you were it for me. Everything I could have ever wanted. I saw our whole future." — Archie

8. "I need you tonight. I need you in every way. Mind, body, soul. But, uh, mostly body." — Toni

9. "Now we have no choice but to kiss." — Veronica

10. "Our story's not over. It's just beginning." — Betty

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11. "I hope you know how much I love you." — Archie

12. "Well, you better take your breaks from me while you can. 'Cause you and I are in this for the long haul." — Jughead

13. "You're so good. It’s like you're filled with it. And I know that I need goodness in my life." — Veronica

14. "You know that I love you with every ounce of my soul." — Cheryl

15. "Less talking, more touching." — Veronica

16. "You are, now and forever, the only girl for me." — Archie

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17. "Dear diary, today was the happiest day of my life." — Betty

18. "I'm so proud of you, babe. You're the strongest person that I know." — Toni

19. "I am, as always, one lucky lady." — Cheryl

20. "When I think of where I feel safest and most myself, I think of us." — Betty

21. "No matter what happens, I want you to know that I'm always in your corner." — Archie

22. "Because we're endgame." — Veronica

Now go tell your partner exactly how you feel with one of these Riverdale-inspired IG captions.

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