27 'Riverdale' Quotes For Instagram That Are Perfect For Your Squad Pictures

ICYMI, Riverdale was the smash hit of the summer. With just 13 episodes in season one, it did a pretty incredible job of filling the spot in our hearts as a new favorite TV show. Riverdale is well-loved, and for good reason. Among its highlights are: the endearing cast (including Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, K.J. Apa as Archie Andrews, and Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge), a hint of suspense that keeps us on our toes, and innumerable pop culture-savvy, sass-filled quotes from characters who just do not have time for any sh*t. In fact, there are many Riverdale quotes for Instagram that probably define you and your squad IRL.

So basically, the moral here is, if you have somehow been living under that really, really, really large rock, you've got to catch up on Riverdale like, ASAP (luckily, Netflix is waiting for you). But if you're like me and are already on the #RiverdaleIsAwesome bandwagon, stay tuned, because we came up with an even better way to enjoy the show. It's time to put those insanely hilarious Riverdale quotes to good use.

Between Veronica's expansive and thorough knowledge of pop culture and literary history (along with her mean-girl-turned-good-girl attitude), Betty Cooper's good-nature, Judgehead's witty persona, and Archie's lovable character, the quote possibilities are hilariously endless. This is exactly why they're perfect for your next squad Instagram snapshot. The gang, though living in a town none of us are exactly jealous of, works great together. They complement each other's strengths, so who else would be better to quote?

Before you hit the post button on that next Instagram picture, check out these 27 Riverdale quotes that are absolutely perfect for your next snap with your friends.

1. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm weird. I'm a weirdo." — Jughead

2. "I need girls with fire on my squad." — Cheryl

3. "Hey, nice outfit." — Archie

4. "If the Manolo Blahnik fits." — Veronica

5. "Hands off, goblin." — Cheryl

6. "Doesn't it ever occur to you how different we are, like on a cellular DNA level?" — Jughead

7. "Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world." — Jughead

8. "Snakes don't shed their skin so easily." — FP Jones

9. "My specialty is ice." — Veronica

10. "Sorry to interrupt the sad breakfast club." — Cheryl

11. "Listen up fives, a ten is speaking!" — Cheryl

12. "What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember." — Kevin

13. "I don't follow the rules. I make them. And when necessary, I break them." — Veronica

14. "You're so much stronger than all of the white noise." — Jughead

15. "Look, it's the rich kids from the goonies." — Jughead

16. "Betty and I come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both." — Veronica

17. "I don't fit in. And I don't wanna fit in." — Jughead

18."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially not when there's a snake curled up in its limbs." — Jughead

19. "Just kind of hoping it means I'll always be close to him, no matter what." — Jughead

20. "Don't underestimate her. And don't bet against her." — Archie

21. "Can't we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock, artist. Can't we, in this post-James Franco world, be all things at once?" — Veronica

22. "If you breathe, it's because I give you air." — Cheryl

23. "We're not gonna hug in front of this whole town. So why don't we just both do that bro thing where we nod like douches and mutually suppress our emotions." — Jughead

24. "To be discussed... over many burgers... and many days." — Jughead

25. “As hot and smart as you are you should be the Queen Bey of this drab hive.” — Veronica

26. “You may be a stock character from a 90s teen movie but I’m not.” — Veronica

27. “Be the Jay to my Bey?” — Veronica