22 Conversation Starting Texts If You Haven't Heard From Your Date In A Few Days

Starting a conversation with someone who you've just started dating can be stressful AF. Before you know what makes someone tick, figuring out how to to get a conversation going can definitely take a bit of practice. In situations like this, being organic can feel like too much of a shot in the dark, because let's face it: We all know that early on, people have a tendency to over-analyze just about everything that goes down (especially via text). Because of this, it's always a good idea to keep some conversation starting texts if you haven’t heard from your date in your back pocket, should the need arise.

Starting conversations is a crucial part of keeping in touch between dates. We can all probably think of someone we were really excited about dating, but the fire subsequently fizzled due to a lack of regular contact. Finding a good texting rhythm is one of the best ways to stay connected while juggling a busy schedule that might not allow for more than a date or two every week. If you're not sure how to start a conversation via text, try to avoid "Hey", or any other message that implies you put little to no effort into it. It's might be smart to reference something you talked about on your last date, serving as a natural reminder of what a great time you had and low-key encouraging them to nail down another date. Here are some opening lines that are a million times more effective than "Hi."

1. "Where did you say I should totally get takeout from again?"

2. "*Send a meme that you think they would laugh at.*"

3. “I just saw the funniest video I think you’d love!”

4. “Hey! What’s the [band/show/movie] you were talking about last week?”

5. "If you had to sum up the internet in one word, what would it be?"

6. "Just finished [fill-in-the-blank TV show] and I need a new show. Any recs?"

7. "I'll bring you cookies if you can answer these three trivia questions. Up for the challenge?"

8. "Hey there, how's your day going? Wanna meet for a drink after work?"

9. "Bet you can’t guess what I’m doing right now :)"

10. "Hey! Stop thinking about me ;)"

11. "What is the most useless thing you know how to do?"

12. "Hey stranger, you crossed my mind and I thought I'd say hi [insert emojis]"

13. "How's it going [name]? It's been a minute!"

14. "Where you just on the [train/bus/street]? I could have sworn I just saw you."

15. "Would you eat at a restaurant that was really dirty if the food was amazing?"

16. "Hey, I was just in your neighborhood. What are you up to?

17. "If I said 'come over,' what would you say?"

18. "Do you miss me yet?"

19. "I have so much to do, but I keep getting distracted thinking about you."

20. "It's so chilly out, I need you to come warm me up."

21. "Tell me a secret."

22. "How was your day? I just got home and I'm finally relaxing."

See? Not too hard! If you're still feeling weird about what to say, just think about how you would text a new friend. In the end, you just want to make it clear that you're interested while still keeping them on their toes.

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