21 Photos Of Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger That Are Totally #Goooals

Anna Gowthorpe/BPI/Shutterstock

You would think that being in a relationship with your teammate would be, well... complicated. However, for U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris and defender Ali Krieger, being teammates and fiancées looks like the most natural thing in the world. The two soccer superstars have been playing on the national team together for nearly a decade — during which time their relationship has developed from friends to more-than-friends — and they'll be tying the knot later this year. Just looking at all of the loved-up photos of Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger makes it clear why they've amassed a legion of fans who ship their beyond-adorable bond (yours truly included).

Ever since Harris and Krieger announced their engagement in March 2019 (and then subsequently rocked the hell out of the 2019 World Cup), people haven't been able to stop talking about "Krashlyn" (and it's not just because their celebrity couple name is so badass). But somehow, even with all that media attention, Harris and Krieger seem closer and cuter than ever. If you want to see what it looks like to find a balance between teammates and soulmates, these pictures of Harris and Krieger together will give you a pretty good idea.

When They Looked Dapper AF At A Summer Wedding

This has summer wedding inspo written all over it.

And Then Later Snuck In This Sweet Smooch

I'm torn between wanting to hunt down Krieger's dress and wanted to channel Harris' style.

When They Rolled Into The Pre ESPYs Body Party Looking Like 2 Hot Tamales

Damn, do they clean up nice.

When They Looked Seriously Ethereal In Grenada

BRB, booking my tickets to visit Seven Sisters Waterfall ASAP.

And When They Took A Selfie Break During Their Hike

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird were also on this Grenada trip but, nope, I'm totally not jealous that I wasn't invited.

When They Rocked Some Flashy New Year's Eve Looks

I've got one word for you, ladies: Wowza.

When They Dressed To The Nines For This Winter Wedding

If Harris doesn't recreate this look for her own wedding, I'm going to be a little disappointed.

When Harris Posted This Selfie In Honor Of Krieger's Birthday Along With A Beautiful Message

I'm not crying, you're crying.

And When Krieger Wished Harris A Happy Birthday In Return

All of the emojis.

When They Proved That Their Selfie Game Is Even Better In Black-And-White

Would you ladies be willing to teach a Selfies 101 class? Because mine don't look like this.

When Their Fall Wedding Style Was 10/10

For all of the weddings you two attend, I still don't understand why you never RSVP'd to mine. But it's fine, I'm over it.

When They Enjoyed A Walk In The Park With Matching Sunnies And Matching Smiles

This looks like a Crest Whitestrips ad.

When Krieger Told Harris This Seemingly Scandalous Secret

I would pay an obscene amount of money to know what Krieger is saying in this pic.

When They Showed Off Their Game Faces

Side note: I love that they're bus seat buddies.

When They Shared This Celebratory Kiss
Anna Gowthorpe/BPI/Shutterstock

Is there a better feeling than being a champion in love? LMK.

When They Soaked Up The Sun At The Beach

I don't think Manhattan Pier Beach has ever looked so good.

When They Brought In Yet Another New Year In Style

Krieger is basically the flamenco girl emoji IRL (and Harris just deserves all of the fire emojis).

When Their '90s Costumes Were On Point

I wouldn't hate if this was their everyday look.

When They Were Looking Cute Poolside

I'm tempted to slip into Harris' DMs just to ask where she got those shades.

When They Were Adorable Snow Bunnies

Of course this place would be called Heavenly Mountain.

When They Spread Some Christmas Cheer

All I want for Christmas is an invitation to their wedding.

Here's hoping that they keep winning titles, breaking down barriers, and sharing sweet selfies.