21 New Year's Eve Dresses From Forever 21 That Say "New Year, Who Dis?"

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there is ever a time of year to go all out with party attire, it's New Year's Eve. This festive occasion doesn't need to put a hole in your wallet, though, which is why I've rounded up some of the best Forever 21 New Year's Eve dresses.

Come Dec. 1, my thoughts are on a single track. First, what am I going to do for New Year's, and second, what am I going to wear? Sub-thoughts include, how much money do I want to spend? Dec. 31 is one of the few nights a year when people like me, usually non-sequin wearers, can join in on the glittery fun without fear of being overdressed or out of place. Even if you think you'd never be caught dead in anything sparkly, I urge you to try it out this year. Go ahead and make a late 2017 New Year's resolution to wear sequins on New Year's Eve. You can do it, I believe in you.

Now that we've you settled you'll shine brighter than the Time's Square Ball, why not use the evening as an excuse to buy a new dress? New Year's Eve parties can range from an all-out gala to a chill night in with friends, but no matter what's on your calendar this year, Forever 21 has you covered.

Velvet Faux Gem & Rhinestone Dress

Forever 21

Velvet Faux Gem Dress, $30, Forever 21

The silver collar on this little black sequin dress means one less accessory you need to worry about, because voila, it's a built-in necklace!

Metallic Sequin Romper

Forever 21

Metallic Sequin Romper, $23, Forever 21

I found out the hard way one year that alcohol, rompers, and tights make going to the bathroom an arduous task, but anything for fashion, right?

Plus Size Mesh Combo Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Mesh Combo Dress, $20, Forever 21

The blue iridescent tint on this dress is everything.

Sequin Mini Dress

Forever 21

Sequin Mini Dress, $45, Forever 21

This silver mini dress has some seriously groovy '70s vibes.

Metallic Bodycon Dress

Forever 21

Metallic Bodycon Dress, $20, Forever 21

The shoulders on this dress are EVERYTHING. Do NOT cover them up. Even with an amazing coat.

Plus Size Sequin Fringe Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Sequin Dress, $35, Forever 21

What's better than a sequined dress? A sequined dress with fringe! These sleeves are perfect for shimmying the night away.

Metallic Halter Dress

Forever 21

Metallic Halter Dress, $13, Forever 21

Going somewhere a little more upscale this year? This understated gown has the perfect hint of shine.

Plus Size Metallic T-Shirt Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Metallic T-Shirt Dress, $28, Forever 21

Having a Netflix and chill night with your friends this year? You can still be festive! This comfy t-shirt dress will be on par with your sweats.

Plunging Metallic Mini Dress

Forever 21

Metallic Plunging Dress, $28, Forever 21

Talk about a golden goddess. This dress oozes sex appeal, maybe it's time for your crush to see you in it?

Sheer Metallic Sequin Mesh Dress

Forever 21

Sheer Metallic Sequin Dress, $38, Forever 21

This geometric dress mixes up the sequin game a bit.

Plus Size Sequin Maxi Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Sequin Maxi Dress, $48, Forever 21

Another sleek option for a formal event. An all-over sequin floor length gown might cost you a few more bucks, but this one is easy on your bank account.

Tiered Sequin Cami Top in Silver

Forever 21

Tiered Sequin Cami Top, $48, Forever 21

This dress was made for dancing. You'll shine brighter than the disco ball I hope you're dancing under.

Multicolor Sequin Dress

Forever 21

Multicolor Sequin Dress, $28, Forever 21

Sequins don't have to be just gold and silver, this red number is fiery hot.

Plus Size Velvet Sequin Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Sequin Velvet Dress, $45, Forever 21

A fit and flare dress like this one is good if you have to mingle with actual adults (parents, older coworkers, etc.).

Metallic Stripe Velvet Dress

Forever 21

Metallic Stripe Dress, $48, Forever 21

Velvet is still big, it also keeps you nice and warm in the winter, especially with long sleeves.

Sequin Halter Dress

Forever 21

Sequin Halter Dress, $30, Forever 21

Winter white FTW.

Plus Size Velvet Glitter Polka Dot Bodycon Mini Dress

Forever 21

Plus Size Velvet Glitter Dress, $45, Forever 21

I. Love. Polka. Dots. (See what I did there with the periods?)

Velvet Shadow Metallic Stripe Dress

Forever 21

Velvet Shadow Dress, $18, Forever 21

This slinky LBD is a classic NYE option, I bet you'll be able to get use out of it a couple of times during the rest of the year, too.

Metallic Micro-Pleated Dress

Forever 21

Metallic Micro Pleated Dress, $23, Forever 21

Pro tip: Watch out for those sleeves when you hit the food and drink table.

Stripe-Trim Metallic Bodycon Dress

Forever 21

Stripe Trim Metallic Dress, $35, Forever 21

Sporty Spice in the house.

Glitter Tulle Strapless Dress

Forever 21

Glitter Tulle Dress, $25, Forever 21

Talk about a party dress — this A-Line tulle dress will make you feel like a princess.

In case you didn't notice, all of these dresses are under $50, so good luck choosing just one.