'Be the Jay to my Bey?' is a perfect Instagram caption for your Riverdale couples costume
21 Insta Captions For Your 'Riverdale' Couples Costumes That (Fizzle) Rock


Riverdale may have debuted back in 2017, but now that season four is upon us, a Halloween couples costume inspired by the series is just as relevant as ever. Whether you and your main squeeze take on Betty and Jughead, Veronica and Reggie, or Cheryl and Toni (also known as Bughead, Veggie, and Choni, respectively), you basically can't lose. But no matter which iconic couple you decide to dress up as, you'll need a few Instagram captions for Halloween 2019 Riverdale couples costumes. As I'm sure Cheryl Blossom would agree, no Insta is complete without a killer caption.

Once you've got your Bughead, Veggie, or Choni costume planned out (or, if you want to go vintage, your Varchie costume for ex-couple Archie and Veronica), it's time to find your perfect Riverdale-inspired Instagram caption. Perhaps you want to channel Jughead's dark humor. Maybe you want to borrow a sassy one-liner from Cheryl. No matter what you're feeling or which couple you decide to be, I have a caption to make your pic complete. Any true Riverdale fan is sure to get the reference, and all of these captions are guaranteed to get you all the likes. Who's in the mood for some hell-raising?


1. "We're in the mood for chaos."

2. "Wanna team up for a little destruction?"

3. "We don't follow rules, we make them. And when necessary, we break them."

4. "We come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both."

5. "We don't fit in. And we don't want to fit in."

6. "Be the Jay to my Bey?"

7. "Don't underestimate us. And don't bet against us."

8. "You wanted fire? Sorry, our specialty is ice."

9. "You may be a stock character from a '90s teen movie, but we're not."

10. "You’re welcome to challenge our couples costume, but you’ll lose."


11. "Our couples costume is iconic and beyond reproach."

12. "Let’s start with skinny dipping and see what happens."

13. "We go together like milkshakes and burgers at Pop's Diner."

14. "In Riverdale, there's no such thing as normal."

15. "In case you haven't noticed, we're weird."

16. "You rock harder than Fizzle Rocks."

17. "What was it like before you got here? I honestly cannot remember."

18. "Sardonic humor is just our way of relating to the world."

19. "From now on, we're partners in Serpents, in life, all of it. OK?"

20. "Like Romeo and Juliet, but we live happily ever after instead."

21. "Did you really think you could have a Halloween party without inviting us?"

Though I can't promise you'll be the only couple dressed up as Riverdale characters at your Halloween party, I can promise a clever Instagram caption will help you stand out from the rest. Get ready to take your close-up, Riverdale lovers, and prepare to get tons of likes. Unless, of course, you dress up as Hal and Alice Cooper or Hiram and Hermione Lodge, because they seriously can't hold a candle to Bughead.