Asian woman on a yellow background holds a pill.

19 People Share Why They're Saying "Thank You, Birth Control"


Beep, beep! Is that your daily alarm reminding you to take your birth control? Actually, it's your Twitter notifications, which are popping off due to Thanks, Birth Control Day — aka, the happiest day of the year. For the past seven years, Nov. 13 has marked the annual celebration of Thanks, Birth Control: A time to talk about, reflect upon, learn more about, and, most importantly, celebrate accessibility to reproductive health. Access to birth control can really have a profound impact on the lives of people around the world, and these tweets about #ThxBirthControl demonstrate just that. These tweets will have you throwing your own thanks, birth control party, IRL, and on the web.

Started in 2012 by Power To Decide, an angelic reproductive health organization, Thanks, Birth Control Day (#ThxBirthControl) is an annual campaign to amplify conversations about reproductive justice. "Birth control allows us to plan our families, finish school, and achieve our career aspirations," Ginny Ehrlich, CEO of Power To Decide, tells Elite Daily. "We hope to encourage people to share why they’re thankful for birth control and how it has benefited their life by using the hashtag and joining the conversation on social media."

Here are 19 #ThxBirthControl tweets that will have you writing your own thank you notes to contraceptives.

Dictate Your Own Future

Pro-jobs, pro-family, pro-access to reproductive health care.

Short & Sweet

I mean, yup.

Cake By The Pound

Good sex is a good enough reason.

Try New Things

You deserve to feel like you, and feel confident and strong in your beautiful body!

Auntie Of The Year

Unclear what the gender inclusive forms of aunt and uncle are, but this is sweet.

It's A Human Right

Birth control isn't only a "women's health" issue!

Buy My Own (Nuva)rings

Alexa, play Destiny's Child's "Independent Women."

My Body, My Rules

You are the captain of your ship, the ship being your body. (That sounded better in my head.)

Because You Want To

You don't have to justify anything you do for your body.

Thank U, More

"Thank u, next", but more like, "Thank u, please never, ever leave."

Freedom To Dream

Realize your dreams and then go after them!

Opposite's Don't Attract

Birth control and education are fundamental human rights.

Pursue You

You get to decide what you want this life, and you get to decide how you're going to get there.

82% Baby

If I was taking a hard exam, 82% would be like, phew, I did well.

Health, Health, Baby

Healthy strong bodies being healthy strong bodies. What can be better than that?

Make It Through

Remember that scene from Gotta Kick It Up!, where they all yell, "Si se puede"?

You Decide

Your family, your business.

Birth Control For All!

However you identify, birth control is there for you.

Your Business

You call the shots.