15 Tweets About Birth Control That You'll Want To Read All Day, Everyday

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Although some politicians may not fully understand how birth control works, rest assured, the Twitter-verse does. From BC pills to patches to IUDs, these tweets about birth control cover it all — with humor, anecdotes, and GIFs. Let me be clear: When it comes to figuring which type of birth control is right for you and your body, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor before scrolling through Twitter. Due to your hormone levels and potential side effects, the "right" kind of birth control is different for everybody and every body. And what's right for your sisters, your mother, or all your best friends may not be the best birth control for you.

Although the internet is vast and quick, when learning about the ins and outs of contraceptives, making sure that you're talking to a trained medical professional is the best way to find the most effective birth control for your body. But still, that doesn't mean that Twitter can't produce some pretty hilarious and relatable anecdotes about the experience.

Of course, if you've done your research and talked to your doctors, there's plenty of time to scroll through the internet. These 15 tweets about birth control will make you scream "It me!"

In My Feelings
boobsradley on Twitter

Sometimes you walk into a table and apologize to the table because you may have hurt it. It happens!

lesssiie on Twitter

Funny you should ask — Feb. 14 to Feb. 21 is in fact national condom week, but everyday is the best day to learn about safe sex. From knowing the best condom for you to the condoms that are the most pleasurable for women, when it comes to contraceptives, there's nothing sexier than education and prevention.

A Lot Going On
aquasaphira on Twitter

As I said earlier, birth control doesn't protect against STIs. If your birth control is making you feel gross — talk to your doctor about what's going on. Safe sex shouldn't mean feeling icky.

Accessibility Matters!
gabbieglossner on Twitter

I read once that if men could get pregnant, you'd be able to get birth control from vending machines. Today, I think I have literally seen condom vending machines in bathrooms that do not have anything for menstrual care.

A Group Effort
u4euh_davis on Twitter

Make your birth control like the Avengers, warding off STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

1000 Miles
_reesee_ on Twitter

7:41 p.m. is an oddly specific time, but I am here for it, as well as keeping a running reminder.

Playing Telephone
agathasobstel on Twitter

Birth control refills can be incredibly taxing. And imagining how difficult the refill process would be if you didn't speak the language or didn't have access to a cell phone is literally giving me a migraine.

Women Power!
destinyholtzman on Twitter

I usually can't make myself go grocery shopping when I've done nothing all day and desperately need paper towel.

Tears For Fears
_zmartinez on Twitter

This is incredibly relatable to me, and this baby drinking a large juice is everything I never knew I needed.

Shut It Down
sobiegretzki on Twitter

Such a tiny device that does so much!

Patch It Up
stripproblems on Twitter

Not all patches are built the same!

_tinayoufatlard on Twitter

I celebrate protected sex and reproductive justice everyday, but today, I made a cake.

Temporary Permanence
alekagurel on Twitter

An IUD tattoo is literally *my brand.* HMU if you do cute stick and pokes.

I Want It All
_massholebeauty on Twitter

I am not ready for a child, but that does not stop me from Googling baby Dr. Martens every other day because their motto is "Classic Styles for Tiny Rebels‎" and I literally can't even say it without bawling.

legisempress on Twitter

If you've never took a gander at, teen pregnancy rates in states with abstinence-only education, you may want to give it a Google.

Your birth control method, like your Twitter style, is totally up to you. Of course, you should always talk to a medical professional to ensure your safety and comfort. But know that once you've done the IRL work, the internet is there for you, ready and willing to hear out all of your birth control feels.