Twyla from 'Schitt's Creek' stands behind the counter at Café Tropical.

18 Twyla 'Schitt's Creek' Quotes For Instagram That’ll Serve Up Some LOLs


If you could actually visit the fictional town of Schitt's Creek, one of your first stops after checking into the Rosebud Motel would surely be Café Tropical. The friendly waitress behind the counter, Twyla Sands, would take your order while saying just the right thing to make you feel welcome. Everyone seems to love Twyla, which is why you will surely love Twyla Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram captions to make your friends LOL.

Twyla — played by Dan Levy's real-life sister, Sarah Levy — quickly becomes a friend to the Rose family when they move to town. She's always at the café ready to listen to David, Alexis, Johnny, or Moira. She offers advice to help solve their problems, which is something the Rose family has plenty of. These 26 Twyla quotes from Schitt's Creek will always make you laugh each time you rewatch the show, and will be the perfect Instagram captions for every funny pic you post.

Use a sympathetic line for a sweet selfie of you and your bestie, or a shocking family confession for one of your actual family photos. You could even use a Twyla quote from the diner to caption your foodie pics. While Twyla might have a hard time getting everyone's order correct at the café, you truly can't go wrong posting one of her Schitt's Creek quotes on the 'gram.


1. "I've read about you guys and everything you've gone through. It sounds super crappy."

2. "Let me get the champagne. You guys are gonna love it."

3. "I just took a lot of alone time to rebuild and regroup, and I just think it's so important."

4. "One foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, and then get the hell out of here!"

5. "I'm sorry, did you just ask for cake?"

6. "My dad always said, 'When in doubt, say it with a song.'"

7. "Oh, that is my favorite Liam Neeson movie."

8. "He made his choices."


9. "I brought this pie from work, but on the way, I realized I didn't check what kind so there's a 50/50 chance there's meat in it."

10. "I overheard someone wanted mozzarella sticks for their birthday."

11. "I split the $92 million with another guy."

12. "Thanks, my friend gave it to me."

13. "Someone who would literally put all their hopes and dreams aside to be with me."

14. "You always make the right decision... eventually."

15. "You're on the right path."

16. "I wasn't gossiping."

17. "We both have the same second favorite color."

18. "I'm just so glad I took a risk."