18 Tweets About Being A Wedding Guest That You'll Want To Write In Your Guest Book

While each wedding season comes and goes — people get married all year long, which means you'll get invited to other people's weddings all year long. If you love to dress up, dance around, and eat cake, wedding invites might be your life's blood. Of course, if you don't love crowds or PDA, or get a little stressed about buying the perfect presents and finding cute but appropriate outfits: Weddings may not be your thing. No matter your personal stance on weddings (all of which are valid), these 18 Tweets about being a wedding guest really cover it all.

If big events make you super uncomfortable, it's always OK to "Regretfully Decline" your invite (that's wedding talk for: Thank U, Next). And if going to other people's weddings is your favorite thing to do, by all means, wear your best outfit and dance until the sun comes up. When it comes down to it, weddings are a time to celebrate love. And if something is causing you some major stress, there's no need to feel obliged to do anything you don't want to do.

No matter how you feel about being a wedding guest, these 18 Tweets are totally relatable.

I'm Not Married
sayy_annie on Twitter

The happy couple may no longer be on the prowl, but I am.

Dance. Dance. Revolution!
bakerseebakerdo on Twitter

Love the idea of people posting funny videos that other people took of them, because you can imaging them being like "Hey, can you send that to me?" right after.

Always Prepared
lgel on Twitter

Very drawn to the parrot wine opener, and very interested in acquiring my own.

Sounds Like A "You" Problem
iislim_jimii on Twitter

I'm just going to sit here and drink your drinks and eat your food and not worry about my own wedding that, BTW, you're totally invited to.

Leather Baby
funkyinfishnet on Twitter

Babies at weddings are already a crowd pleaser. Baby in a baby leather jacket at a wedding is simply too much cuteness!

wheresmybaghdad on Twitter

Hopefully you've downloaded Tinder and ordered some Postmates.

Literally, me.
kizzels on Twitter

This is so relatable I can't.

Me And My Boo
novicegamergirl on Twitter

Weddings are great photo opps for you and your boo. You get all dressed up and have a night out and eat free food.

notorious_exg on Twitter

"My date is a moron for cancelling I’m hot" is literally iconic, put it on my gravestone.

Sip, Sip.
bonniexclyde on Twitter

Like, hopefully it's an open bar? Coachella doesn't have that!

Me Time
celeste_a_stan on Twitter

Honestly, not getting a plus-one is kind of a huge bummer, but I also know how expensive weddings are. Hopefully there's a dog or a baby or something fun happening.

Don't Litter!
tiffany_maes9 on Twitter

Give a hoot, don't pollute! And don't ask my little sister out, she's like 19.

venusianrage on Twitter

Honestly, the love story of our time will be from swiping at a wedding.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry
macklaflame on Twitter

Honestly, I had to shower and buy you a present for the shower and the bachelorette and the wedding. I'm going to eat this small plate of food you picked for me and I'm going to like it.

It Happens
siidneyykim on Twitter

Hopefully it was, like, really fancy food that was good.

Who, What, Wear
_guids_ on Twitter

Beach wedding can be misleading. Are we enjoying the beach after? Is it summer time? Can I wear a bathing suit?

Queer Power Couple!
emilygfeld on Twitter

This is a literal mood.

No matter the time of year, weddings are a time to eat, drink, dance, and bring people together. And from dancing it up to sitting back on Tinder — there are plenty of ways to attend a wedding. If you're looking cute with your boo, getting your fill of the free food, or waiting around to meet dogs and babies — there's no one way to be a wedding guest, and certainly not one way to Tweet about it.