19 Funny Wedding Captions For Guests Who Are Ready For Dancing, Cake, & All The Feels

You just received the invite for your friend's wedding, and you're so excited. Not only do you get to celebrate the big day, but it's also a chance to party it up, watch the couple's happily ever after unfold before your very eyes, and my personal favorite — enjoy a slice or two of delicious wedding cake. Attending a wedding can be so much fun. (I don't know about you, but I love any excuse to dress up and dance around to all the pop hits.) There's also a guarantee that tons of pictures will be snapped to remember the day, so you'll want funny wedding captions for guests ready to use.

Attending a wedding as a guest is a very different experience than being part of the bridal party. When you arrive at the reception, you have a few objectives, and they might include: snagging some cake, dancing the night away, hitting up the photo booth, and capturing a great selfie with the bride in her wedding dress.

You might be too wrapped up in the festivities to post, and you definitely don't want to take away from dancing to the "Electric Boogie" on the dance floor. That's where I come in as the best plus one you've ever had with these 19 wedding captions, ready for you to pair with your pics. They're a perfect mix of sweet and funny that will go with any photo you take. (As a thank you, grab an extra slice of cake for me, and have the best time ever.)

1. "Today, you will get married, and I will eat cake. It's a win-win for sure."

2. "Here's a toast to the happy couple. Now, point me in the direction of the bar."

3. "I always say you can tell a lot about a couple based on their wedding cake, and this couple is going to have the sweetest marriage ever."

4. "My plus one for this wedding is cake."

5. "You can find me on the dance floor."

Rachel Chapman

6. "Invite me to your wedding, and there's a guarantee I will crush it on the dance floor."

7. "After this party, I really do believe in true love."

8. "Too much confetti cake, said no one ever."

9. "Congrats on the wedding planning being over!"

10. "You guys got me all emotional and stuff."


11. "Thank you for allowing me to dance at your wedding."

12. "I feel like I watched a Disney movie IRL today."

13. "My vow to the happy couple is to have the most fun at the reception."

14. "Clearly having a gouda time chillin' at the cheese table."

15. "To the happy couple: May you always be as happy as you made me today."


16. "Congrats on a wedding that's worthy of anyone's Pinterest board."

17. "Your wedding was so emotional, even the cake was in tiers."

18. "Party on, dudes!" — Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

19. "Thank you for allowing me to be here and bawl my eyes out over how beautiful everything is."