18 Instagram Influencers To Follow Who Are #RelationshipGoals

To say that Instagram transformed what an "ideal" relationship looks like is an understatement. Nowadays, every romantic gesture, getaway, and date night poses an opportunity to post a pic and brag about your boo (provided you can come up with the perfect caption, of course). But Instagram is more than a channel to boast about your bond — it's also brimming with couples who can serve as examples to follow. There are a ton of Instagram influencers to follow who are #RelationshipGoals in every sense of the term.

But what does that look like, anyway? It's so much more than an endless stream of flawless couple pics. Ultimately, #RelationshipGoals is about growing and evolving together, boldly admitting to your imperfections and promising to do better, supporting each other's every move, and celebrating each other's achievements like they're your own. That's what these all-star couples do on the 'gram, and so much more.

These accounts span a wide range of industries, themes, and perspectives — from a bionic lesbian dating and sex columnist, to an unapologetically geeky beauty blogger, and an inspiring Paralympic athlete. The one thing they have in common? Adorable relationships that are bound to inspire you to love more fiercely and cherish every second with your partner. Take notes, fam.


Florida-based blogger Ayana Gabrielle Lage covers everything from health and food, to style and beauty on her IG feed, but the posts that shed a spotlight on her sweet relationship are definitely a highlight. Not only are her pics with her partner, Vagner, adorable, but they absolutely ooze appreciation. In one recent post, she gave him props for giving up his evenings and weekends to help her shoot content, brainstorm ideas, find new partnerships, and onboard new clients. I mean, is that peak Instagram husband goals or what? To boot, the guy is a seriously skilled photographer. (Gentlemen, take a cue.)


If there's one thing you can count on Zara Barrie for, it's speaking her unfiltered truth with razor-sharp wit — including when it comes to her love life. Barrie is the former senior sex and dating writer for Elite Daily, but that's not the only reason she's worth a follow. As the current senior writer at GO Magazine, founder of The Crazy Sad Babes Club, and author of Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup: The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together, Barrie has the kind of relationship that the heart-eye emoji was invented for.

Her swoon-worthy tributes to her wife Meghan read like a modern-day fairytale, which fittingly started on Tinder. Did I mention they got engaged on Facebook Live, and their ultra-glam wedding featured a bridal party of all genders, mermaids, and a waitress wearing a dress made out of champagne flutes? That's pretty much everything you need to know in a nutshell.


Influencer Lindsay Silberman's husband's Instagram handle is, quite literally, @Instahusband — and TBH, that perfectly sums up their devotion to each other. Silberman posts about everything from luxury travel and style, to her favorite rosés, but her posts with her hubby Matt stand out for the cuteness factor alone.

In her bio, she describes herself as someone who "doesn't take herself too seriously," which seems accurate as heck. Lately, she's been sharing a "Quarantoned" series of short videos from their at-home workouts together, which are downright delightful. Try not to smile while watching them dancing (and laughing) to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts," — I dare you.


If you scroll through the IG feed of Dayna Troisi, managing editor of GO Magazine, you'll notice her focus is mainly on all things sex, dating, and lesbian culture (with a healthy dose of sultry selfies thrown in for good measure). Another thing you may notice is that she rocks a bionic arm, and occasionally, uses her platform to speak out about living with a disability. Then there's her relationship with her partner, Vanessa, which adds some serious romance to the feed.

In a birthday tribute to her, Troisi wrote: "The only thing I question when I’m with you is, how can I be more loving to you? How can I be more kind? Vanessa, you are the most beautiful human I’ve ever known and had the privilege of loving." BRB, sobbing!


Lauren Beeston is the kind of Instagram influencer you'd almost hate for living the life you always wanted — that is, if she wasn't so darn likable. A Hawaii-based videographer and content creator, her feed is filled with breathtaking island imagery (think: waterfalls and crystal clear ocean) that's only surpassed in beauty by her adorable family of three.

Some of her posts focus on her sweet relationship with husband Tanner, while others include their precious baby daughter Ozzy. If you're down for a good sob sesh, be sure to watch her IG Story Highlight, "Tan," featuring footage from their wedding and a number of other standout memories from their sweet relationship.


If you could use a little body positivity in your Instagram feed, give Megan Jayne Crabbe a follow ASAP. According to her IG bio, her mission is to "get people to be a bit kinder to themselves," and she accomplishes that with helpful little reminders like, "You'll still be a snack in the summer if you eat ur snacks now."

Every once in a while, she treats followers to glimpses of her adorbs relationship with her boyfriend, Kenny Ethan Jones. In a recent post about practicing social distancing in a relationship, she got especially candid with her insight and advice.

"Some days we argue for no reason other than pushing each other away ... Some days we have conversations that light us up from the inside and we feel closer than ever. Some days we fall asleep on the phone so we can hear each other sleeping but then it's sad when we each wake up alone," she wrote. "There is no blueprint for this, for any kind of relationship during this time. It's okay some days to admit that it's hard. That you miss them. That you feel lonely. Or scared. Or horny. Or angry. Or bored. Or tired. All of it's fine."

Can I get an "amen"?


Emily Baldoni is a quadruple threat: actress, entrepreneur, mama, and wifey to Justin Baldoni — aka, Rafael Solano from Jane the Virgin. I honestly don't know what's cuter: the pics of their two tots and their pup, or the videos of their couples' workouts. As she wrote in one of the latter posts: "Who needs a gym when you have a gorgeous husband at your disposal?" If that's not #goals, I don't know what is.


Bri Leaverton's Instagram account is bubbling over with all the feels — not only for her blended family of four, but also for her beautiful wife, Lindsey. Even the coronavirus pandemic couldn't stop this couple from getting married during quarantine at a drive-in movie theater. If you want to follow along on their love story, you can either follow Bri, or their couples' account, @the.mrs.leavertons. Oh, and don't forget to heed their priceless relationship advice: "Find someone that you can be goofy and outrageous with."


When you're done marveling at this Ethiopian model's enviable head of lustrous curly hair, feel free to swoon over her sentimental posts with her husband Morten. Hermela Solomon has Instagrammed and vlogged about so many aspects of their relationship, from the struggles of doing long-distance, to buying their first home together, to getting married in a courthouse ceremony. Don't forget to scope out the Instagram Story Highlight about her wedding day for a behind-the-scenes look at the romantic start to their married life.


Marketing strategist Karli Buckley and her wife, Emily, are the definition of a power couple: They go hiking together, they go on cross-country road trips together, and they even train at Crossfit together. If you're in need of a little relationship inspiration, this is one account that's bound to provide endless motivation for building a happy, high-quality partnership (and warm and fuzzy feels).


Give beauty YouTuber Desi Perkins a follow, not only for her killer makeup looks (which include breakdowns of exactly which products she used), but also her super sweet posts that spotlight her relationship with husband Steven Perkins. In April 2020, they started posting vlogs documenting their fertility journey on their shared YouTube channel, The Perkins. Follow along as they continue to build their beautiful fam and provide endless #relationshipgoals inspo.


Australian stylist and podcaster Jules Sebastian has quite the love story: She met her current husband, Guy, while they were young teens singing sappy songs at a wedding together. For more deets on their legendary romance, follow her Instagram account, which regularly includes pics from their epic adventures and date nights together.


If Safiya Nygaard looks familiar, you probably recognize her from BuzzFeed's Ladylike series. Since then, she's racked up nearly 9 million subscribers and billions of views on her style and beauty YouTube channel. Nygaard is known for unabashedly embracing her geeky side and tackling hilarious investigative reports. (See: the time she dressed like store mannequins for a week.)

She's also known for giving sweet shoutouts to her husband, Tyler — who proposed to her next to Snow White's wishing well in Disneyland, just FYI. Fortunately, there's plenty more cuteness where that came from on her IG feed. Be sure to keep a lookout for their couples' Halloween costumes, which are nothing short of unforgettable.


#MondayMotivation messages, style inspiration, and positive vibes — those are just a few of the things you can expect if you follow Kish Burries on IG. She also shares refreshing tidbits of marriage wisdom, like when she wrote, "Part of a normal, functioning, long-term relationship is sometimes not agreeing, sometimes not communicating, and sometimes not being happy... Please don’t believe every couple you see posting 'happy' pics online is living their best life argument and trouble-free. Every relationship has it’s own issues. When two people can love each other through all of the mistakes and flaws yet still function together as a solid unit... that’s considered healthy perfection."


Amy Purdy is an inspiration — not only because she's a New York Times bestselling author and fashion designer, but also because she's a Paralympic athlete. She lost her legs after contracting meningitis at age 19, but that didn't stop her from becoming one of the top-ranked adaptive snowboarders in the world, winning the 2014 Sochi Paralympic bronze medal, and stunning audiences on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars as runner-up.

Purdy met her husband, Daniel Gale, while learning to snowboard again on two prosthetic legs. How's that for romantic? They even raced around the world together on CBS’s The Amazing Race. Basically, if you need proof that love can overcome anything, Purdy is someone you'll def want to follow.


Her Ariel-esque fiery hair and colorful wardrobe aren't the only things Dianne Buswell has to brag about on the 'gram — she's also got a pretty swoon-worthy relationship. She and her boyfriend, Joe Sugg, met on the BBC reality show Strictly Come Dancing, in which celebs and choreographers team up for a series of dance competitions. Keep tabs on all their amazing adventures on tour — and maybe even steal a couple of their date ideas — by following her on IG.


Dallas-based style blogger Dani Austin Ramirez is worth a follow, not just for cute outfit inspo (her Amazon finds are unreal), but because her posts about her relationship are equally valuable and adorable. She and her boyfriend Jordan have crossed many milestones together since they started dating, and she's documented many of them on IG. Every once in a while, she'll post a video where they both share their respective tips on a particular topic — like what not to do when working from home with your SO. Think of it as free advice from your favorite Insta couple.


If Gigi Gorgeous Getty isn't already in your feed, run — don't walk — to hit the "follow" button. She got her start posting makeup tutorials on Youtube, and has since become a model, actress, author, and LGBTQ+ advocate who uses her platform to bring awareness to transgender issues and anti-bullying efforts.

As if those weren't enough reasons to love her, her marriage to Nats Getty — a model, designer, and fellow LGBTQ+ rights activist — is peak goals. Don't believe me? Scroll through her profile and feast your eyes on their many pics together, including snapshots from recent professional photoshoots, their ~gorgeous~ wedding (see what I did there?), and their enviable everyday lives.