These Instagram captions for outdoor dates with your partner are so cute and clever.

18 Clever AF Instagram Captions For Outdoor Dates

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There's nothing quite like spending some time with your SO out in the fresh air. Something about being in nature just adds to the magic of the experience, in part because you have so many beautiful things to look at and talk about together. Not to mention, there are plentiful photo ops — and now, you have no excuse not to share those pics on social, because I've rounded up a ton of adorable Instagram captions for outdoor dates with your partner. (You can thank me later.)

The first element you'll need to consider here is what kind of date you're on. A cute and clever Insta caption will usually make a specific reference to where you are or what you're doing, not only to create a more cohesive post along with your image, but also to inform followers about your phenomenal date plans. Another thing you'll want to think about is what kind of vibe you're going for. Are you looking for something punny that's bound to make your followers LOL? More sweet and sincere? Or a combination of humor and heart?

So, next time you and your boo enjoy some bonding time outside, here are some captions to include under your post — whether you're enjoying a romantic picnic in the park, sharing a scenic hike, or wading in the ocean on a sunny afternoon.


For Beach Days, Wave Frolicking & Other Oceanside Activities:

1. We out here sea-zing the day.

2. If you're a bird, I'm a bird.

3. 'Tis the sea-son for oceanside dates.

4. What. A. Catch. [fish emoji] Am I right or am I right?

For Hiking & Other Excursions In Nature:

5. Couples who hike together, stay together.

6. Another day, another adventure with my favorite in the great outdoors.

7. Don't hate the view from the top [mountain emoji].

8. Find us where the wild things are.

9. Love branch-ing out with you [tree emoji].

10. Taking the scenic route.

11. It's all uphill for you and I, my love.


For Apple Picking & Other Fall Adventures:

12. You're the [apple emoji] of my eye.

13. Think I picked a good one.

14. Autumn dates with this one are unbe-leaf-able.

15. Day date: pumpkin spice edition.

For Picnics & Other Casual Afternoons:

16. All I need RN are a bottle of sparkling rose, a bevy of cheeses, and this human right here.

17. The truth is, life's always a picnic with this one.

18. Being with you is like a walk in the park.

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