These 16 Tweets About Terrible First Dates Are Way Too Real

Shutterstock; @Protogenes1/Twitter

Not every date is going to be a dream come true, but some first dates are truly waking nightmares. Twitter user @iCanHash recently started the hashtag #AFirstDateBecomesTheLastWhen for @HashtagRoundup, and hundreds of users have eagerly shared what they consider to be the biggest dating deal breakers. Whether you've experienced these faux pas for yourself or not, I think it's pretty likely that you'll agree with most of these hilarious tweets about bad first dates. From the awkward to the rude to the just plain wrong, there are many ways in which a date can offend, so if you haven't had a terrible first tryst like these Twitter users, consider yourself lucky.

Not everyone agrees that it's unwise to give a bad first date a second chance. TBH, there weren't many sparks flying on my first outing with my now-husband. But then again, even though we didn't totally hit it off, he also didn't pull any of the stunts that some Twitter users have experienced. It may be worth following up with a date after a mediocre first encounter. However, if your date is as disastrous as it was for these folks, then you may to delete that contact from your phone.

This Out-Of-Line Order

Try to order for me, and I'll place your order as well: "Yes, and my date will be having nothing."

This Unwritten Rule

As a bookworm, I may be biased, but if the last book you read was one assigned to you in high school, then I don't mind judging you by your cover.

This Aggressive Assertion

Save your wish list for Santa Claus, my dude — not for our first date.

This Baby Talk

How about we order an appetizer before we dive into procreation?

This Hang-Up

I'm sure your ex is OK. What I'm not sure about is whether or not this date is OK.

This Fatal Food Mistake

Touch one of my fries, and you might just lose a finger.

This Lack Of Communication

If we run out of things to talk about before we even get our entrees, then we don't need to talk about the possibility of a second date.

This Impawsible Opinion

Again, I may be biased here, but if you don't like dogs, then there's no way I can like you.

This Costco Cop-Out

Honestly, this doesn't sound like the worst date in the world, but if you don't plan to ever spend any money on our dates, then we probably shouldn't plan on spending any more time together.

This Monotonous Monologue

If you need me, I'll be over here staring at my phone while you continue talking exclusively about yourself.

This Server Sass

If you give our server attitude, then you're also giving me an excuse to never call you again.

This Fashion Faux Pas

Then again, Ariana Grande recently wore Crocs and socks, so maybe this is OK now? Trendsetters, please advise.

This Bread Breaker

What's next? Are you going to tell the server we don't want to look at the dessert menu, either?

This Deceptive Dater

Unless we're at a speed-dating event, I expect to be the only one you're wining and dining in one night.

This Phone Foul

I'd honestly rather you stare at my chest all night than your phone.

This 'Oh Man' Moment

Do I even need to mansplain this one?

The good news: Sometimes the worst dates make for the best stories, and these tweets certainly prove it.