I Saw Ariana Grande Wearing Crocs & Socks For Fall, So I Bought Crocs & Socks, Too

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty much everything Ariana Grande touches turns to trendsetting gold — for example, I spent much of my cheerleader childhood wearing a slicked-back ponytail I wholeheartedly resented, and yet, Ari's iconic updo has inspired me to revisit the style on numerous occassions. If it's good enough for Grande, it's good enough for me, and that's my live-or-die motto! I'm no psychic, but after hearing that Ariana Grande wore Crocs and seeing the photo for myself, I have no doubt the pop star will single-handedly make their foam clogs the single most-coveted shoes of fall 2019. Can you imagine having that kind of power? Ari sure can.

Everyone knows an over-the-knee, high-heeled boot is Grande's footwear of choice, ideally worn with an oversized hoodie and the aforementioned signature high pony. That said, even a massive superstar like Ari has days when she wants to give her feet a break, and based off not one, but two new mirror selfies posted to her Instagram account, we know her day-off footwear of choice is Crocs. White Crocs paired with large white socks, to be exact.

TBH, I know clouds are part of her ~aesthetic~, and I imagine this is exactly what walking on a cloud would feel like:

Ari paired her Crocs with one of her go-to oversized hoodies, and honestly? It's the perfect lazy day outfit recipe:

Ari's pair is most likely the classic Crocband Clog in White/White/White ($45,, currently available in whole sizes from six through 12 on the Crocs website:

I have a friend who is deeply attached to his Crocs, and upon seeing Grande's photo, my first instinct was to get his reaction, because I am nothing if not a hard-hitting journalist.

He had yet to see the photo, but was ready to sing the shoe's praises after I showed him:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

And on behalf of the Crocs community, he let me know the footwear choice is not just a trend, but a lifestyle. Noted:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

While Ari opted for the simple white-sock-white-Croc rhyming combo, a quick browse through the Crocs website shows quite a few pairs I think Grande and her Arianators would love.

The Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog ($45, is so reminiscent of her pastel Sweetener vibes:

And I think the Crocband Printed Clog in Metallic Champagne ($45,, complete with a gold upper and pink glitter sides, would be an incredible option for a post-performance after party:

BTW, I also think she'd love these Crocband Platform Rainbow Clogs ($50, Ari loves a platform shoe, and these ROY G. BIV vibes are so good:

Finally, I'd like to shout out the Classic Vera Bradley Floral Clog in Mint ($50,, which is so cute, it's almost sold out:

I happen to have the Vera Bradley ones, and while my Crocs-and-socks pairing is a little more bold than Grande's, it still gets compliments every time I accidentally leave the house with them on:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

You heard it here first, people: Crocs are back, according to Ariana Grande. And given that her word is basically trend law, what other confirmation do you really need?