Try these texts to send your ex during quarantine if you can't stop thinking about them.

Here's How To Hit Up Your Ex If You Miss Them During Quarantine


It's safe to say that life in quarantine has led many people to relax their personal rules. Suddenly, tie-dye sweats have become your go-to work apparel, wine is acceptable at any time of day (it's basically fruit, back me up here), and texting a past partner seems like a fab idea. Loneliness and boredom are epidemics of their own RN, so it's understandable to crave some connection with someone you shared a strong bond with. If you can't stop thinking about your ex, I've rounded up some clever texts to send your ex during quarantine that will get the conversation going.

Honestly, it's not surprising in the least that you'd want to reconnect with an ex under the current circumstances. The coronavirus outbreak has also brought on a lot of uncertainty about the future — which, naturally, makes you yearn for people, places, and things that feel familiar and safe. You also have fewer distractions in your everyday life while in quarantine, which means more time on your hands to dwell on the past or start digging through old mementos that trigger sentimentality. Not to mention, stressful situations like these tend to put things into perspective, which explains why you might have some sudden revelations about your feelings toward your ex.

There's nothing wrong with giving in to the urge to text your ex during quarantine — provided that you're confident it won't wreak havoc on your mental or emotional state, and that you don't have any expectations for how they'll respond. Looking for some comfort and connection? Rather than thoughtlessly shooting them a "WYD?" try one of these strategic openers to break the ice.


If You're Feeling Nostalgic AF

`1. Found myself singing our song while washing my hands today, and consequently, thinking of you.

2. Hey, remember that time we [insert activity: went candlepin bowling, made a bonfire on the beach, hit up a music festival, etc.]? Major cabin fever RN... and wishing I could relive that.

3. Had lots of free time on my hands lately, so I was looking through some old photos from that trip to [insert location]. Take me backkk?

If You're Just Checking In

4. Currently checking in with all the people I care about — so, how have you been holding up these days?

5. Can't help but wonder how you're holding up without visits to [insert favorite restaurant]. Give me a sign of life?

6. Thinking of you and your fam, y'all hanging in there?

7. Not sure what the protocol is during a pandemic, but regardless, felt like checking in to see if you're OK.

8. You safe?


If You're Going For Friendly Vibes

9. Just started a gratitude journal yesterday, and thought you should know that I'm super grateful for all our time together.

10. You always sent the best memes, so I can only imagine what gold you're digging up these days...

11. Finally got around to watching [insert show they loved]. Got any new quarantine recommendations for me?

12. You were the master chef in our relationship, so I'm kind of lost in the kitchen these days. Got any quarantine recipes you're willing to share?

If You Want To Get Your Flirt On

13. Hey, stranger — talking to you always made me feel better when I was stressed, so can you blame me for shooting my shot?

14. Confession: I've been having crazy dreams lately, and you may or may not have made a special guest appearance the other night...

15. These Netflix marathons just aren't the same without you.

16. FYI: I'm on Zoom, my schedule is pretty open, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing your face.

Remember, fam: there are other ways to cope with loneliness if you feel like reaching out to an ex might be a risky move — like planning a Zoom happy hour with coworkers, taking a virtual yoga class with a friend, or having a simultaneous Netflix screening with your sister. However, practicing social distancing means showing a little more self-compassion, and if you've decided that texting an old familiar flame will make you feel good, then you have my blessing.