You Can Count On These 16 Bikinis To Bring ALL The Heat This Summer

There are seriously so many good swimsuits to choose from right now. Designers and brands keep getting more and more creative and bold, resulting in eye-popping prints, unexpected silhouettes, and unique textures. It's why narrowing down summer 2019 bikinis to 16 top picks was beyond difficult—nearly impossibly, really—but too much of a good thing is also a pretty great problem to have in this case, am I right?

Between GabiFresh's new collection for Swimsuits For All and Zara's just-dropped summer swimwear, there's been a lot of buzz as of late about ace new beachy offerings. Spring is officially here and summer is right around the corner so 'tis the season for such styles to hit the market. But if you're looking for a bikini, in particular (no monokinis or one-pieces allowed) then this roundup will hopefully help you sift through the hundreds, even thousands of options out there and streamline the process of picking soemthing you love. Solid, striped, animal print, strapless, short-sleeved, high-waisted, hip-hugging—whatever you want in your bikini, there's an option that will fit the bill. Now your only problem will be deciding how to narrow down the ones you're into so as not to go overboard

Cheshire Cat

Leopard print gets a psychedelic update thanks to a bright pink and purple color palette. The underwire-style top gives the bikini an especially flirty feel.

Far Out

The colorful flowers boast a slightly throwback feel and make this suit groovy AF.

Tee Time

I'm not sure I've ever seen a tee bikini until now but man, am I into it! With the added tie detail it's a total knockout.

Do You Guys Mesh?

Sporty in silhouette and in fabric, this bikini is its own brand of cool. I especially love the miniature half moon cutout.

Garden Party

Sweet florals plus a square neckline equals my dream suit.

Fronds For Life

The only leafy greens I'm really into.

Orange Crush

There's something about this beige and bright orange color palette that screams luxury to me and this suit executes it perfectly. The angular orange accents add an ultra stylized touch, while the metal hardware on both pieces of the suit add a certain richness.

Green With Envy

Between its soft lime color palette and super strappy design, this suit boats an almost sci-fi feel to it. Fitting, seeing it's out-of-this-world cute.

Wild Thoughts

Mix a zebra print and plenty of dangly ties and you've got one hot bikini.

Something Sweet

This blue floral pattern reminds me of vintage china and looks equally as sweet in swimsuit form.

Optical Illusion

If a brain teaser and a rainbow had a baby...

Red Hot

Thanks to its fiery color and horizontal cutout, this bikini is almost too hot to handle.

Animal Instinct

This animal print style comes outfitted with tortoise accents for an especially funky feel. Austin Powers would approve.

Haute Pink

Straightforward yet striking. Sometimes, simpler is better and this neon pink strapless bikini proves it.

The Cat's Meow

I know, I know—so much animal print! But it was and still is trending hard so I figured I'd give you plenty of options for how to rock it. Of course, classic leopard is always a great way to go.