15 Tweets That Sum Up Casual Dating In 2019, Because It Can Be Tough Out There

I know, I know — you probably didn’t come here to read another complaint about how dating is “worse than it’s ever been.” That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But seriously, y’all, it’s tough out there! Even if you aren't looking for anything serious, sometimes it feels like it takes more effort than it's worth to meet someone you vibe with. These tweets about casual dating will remind you that no matter how hard it is, you’re not in this alone.

Whether it’s ghosting, submarining, or orbiting (seriously, how many different terms are there?!), dating phenomena in 2019 aren’t easy to navigate. It’s stressful enough just waiting for that new potential boo to text you back. Since I moved across the country two years ago and settled into a new city, I knew I wanted to dive into the casual dating world to get acquainted with the social scene. It was my first real foray into dating apps, and I can’t lie, I was excited. But when I actually started swiping and chatting with matches, I learned that dating can often be a real headache. Why is it so hard to transition a conversation from an app to an IRL date? How do you handle it when you don’t want to see someone again? What happens when you start juggling multiple new relationships at once?

These folks on Twitter know exactly how I feel. Read on for some serious laughs about the struggles of trying to date casually in 2019.

When you really just want some follow-up... is that too much to ask for?
venmo4feet on Twitter

When you have to make an excuse for your messy room.
alafonda on Twitter
When no one even knows what "dating" means these days.
dubstep4dads on Twitter
When you ignore a text to show them who's in charge.
actuallygina on Twitter
When you're seriously over it.
emmabetsinger on Twitter
When your Tinder reject catches you swiping on them IRL.
taylor_stag on Twitter
When they inevitably let you down at some point.
itssdarwinn on Twitter
When you already know their life story before your first date.
beingbernz on Twitter
When even the thought of dating makes you want to cry.
quenblackwell on Twitter
When it's super hard to actually set up a date with someone.
a_jayofficial on Twitter
When they ignore your texts but always watch your Instagram story.
bex_bambi on Twitter
When you delete your apps to try to get a fresh start.
brandyljensen on Twitter
When you stick with someone you know is wrong for you.
elizabayne on Twitter
When even your dog knows how hard it is.
mariskreizman on Twitter
When you're stressed AF about every tiny decision.
1followernodad on Twitter

Like many of these Twitter users, my time in the casual dating scene has been filled with high highs and low lows. There was the one time when I almost made plans with two dates in one night (oops), and another time when a guy ghosted me and then hit me with an Instagram follow two months later (SMH). I’ve gone through periods where I was super into the dating scene, and then I’d get so fed up that I decided to give up entirely for a while. But later on, of course, I’d get back in the game.

If you’re currently on the casual dating grind, I commend you, and I support you. It’s exhausting and stressful, but it can also be super fun. When you’re feeling like giving it all up, moving to the wilderness, and living alone forever (trust me, I’ve been there), think back to the times when your dating life has been really great. Sure, you have to sort through a lot of messy situations before you find something good, but there’s definitely hope out there! And whatever your dating goals are, you can accomplish them with persistence and a little dose of humor.

Meanwhile, I’ll be scrolling through Twitter reminding myself that other people have also shared my pain. Waiting for a text back can be excruciating, as can that period after a date when you’re trying to figure out who makes the next move. Regardless of your situation, it’s never going to be easy — but keep at it! And when in doubt, remember that so many other people know exactly how you feel.