​9 Reasons Casual Dating Is Amazing, Because Meeting New People Is Half The Fun

by Ginny Hogan

I’ve often felt like casual dating is the best of both worlds (in fact, I think it's what that Hannah Montana song was about). I get to spend time with someone I really like, but I also don’t have any obligation to rearrange my life around theirs. Sure, it depends on the person and the relationship, but sometimes casual dating can be the right move. I often see characters represented in the media who are solely focused on getting their partners to commit to them, but that doesn’t do justice to the many reasons casual dating is amazing.

Depending on the life-phase you're in, you might be looking for a different level of commitment. Maybe you just got a big assignment at work, and you're looking for someone to see once a week or so, but not every night. Maybe you're trying to date multiple people at once. Maybe you have the time, but the person you're seeing isn't someone you want to get serious with. As long as you're open with your partner about where the relationship stands and they're on board (it's called a relation-ship for a reason, not a relation-capsize), casual dating can be totally great! It can be even better than great, actually. It can be completely amazing.

Casual dating is different for everyone, but it typically means a less serious relationship where you're not committed to your partner. Read on for nine reasons why casual dating can be the most fun ever.

You Get To Date Multiple People

Casual dating can come with the freedom to explore and see other people. You need to make sure you and your partner, however casual, are on the same page about non-monogamy, but if you are, then go forth and discover! People in serious relationships might date other people too, as long as they're communicating about it, but casual dating leaves the door open to finding someone else.

You Can Limit How Much You're On Your Phone

Have you ever been out at a bar and had a partner texting you more than you want? Your screentime stats don't lie. According to a study from Brigham Young University, people in relationships use their phones more, often to the detriment of their relationship. This isn't true of all relationships, but when you're seeing someone casually, you often don't have the pressure to stay in touch 24/7.

Less Pressure From Your Family

I have family members who want to know everything about my love life. Well, OK, I share openly, but I still don't always appreciate my second cousin asking if I'm going to get married every six months! According to the Financial Diet, couples in relationships often get asked if they're going to get married. With casual dating, you spare yourself some of that because your relatives are less likely to be checking in on the status of you and your partner.

More Time For Your Friends

Casual dating is less of a commitment, and with less of a commitment comes more fun time! You might be getting busier in the rest of your life, so keeping it casual can make it easier to fit in that board game night with your college friend group.

You Can Still Get Intimate

Don't forget — casual dating is still dating. As long as your partners want to, you can regularly engage in sexual activity. Casual dating is a great way to meet people and explore your sexual interests, and you may have the chance to get intimate with the people you're seeing — as long as it's consensual.

You Don't Have To Worry About The Future

Maybe the person you're seeing casually will turn into the person you see seriously, and then you'll end up with forever. Maybe you don't want to end up with anyone forever. Maybe those questions stress you out, and you wish your mom would stop asking! The wonderful thing about casual dating is that you don't have to think about it if you don't want to. Of course, there's always the chance that you or your casual partner will want to make things more serious, but until that happens, you're free to stay in the present.

You Relate To Your Friends' Single Struggles And Relationship Struggles

While struggling doesn't sound fun, relating to your friends definitely can be. You get to commiserate with and support your pals who are out there on the apps, but you also get to double-date if your friends with partners invite you. Of course, you don't need the same relationship status to stay close to your friends, but if you do have friends who are both single and in relationships, it can be great to have one more way to connect with them.

You Get Exposed To New People

For some people, casual dating can mean going on dates with lots of new people. If this is for you, then casual dating exposes you to many new potential partners. For example, I went through a period of casual dating, and in the span of one month, I met a professional archer, a DJ, and a person who collects succulents professionally. It was wonderful to get exposure to so many new people I might not otherwise have met!

The Breakups Are Easier

There's no easy way to put it: Breakups can suck. At least when it comes to casual dating, you haven't made a commitment, so when one of you calls it off, it might hurt just a little bit less. Ending a relationship is not always fun or easy, even when casual dating. But there might be less pressure on the breakup, and perhaps you can strive towards remaining friends (if that's what you both want).

It's true: Casual dating isn't for everyone. However, there are so many reasons why it's a blast, and it could be the right choice for you at this time. If your partner(s) also want to keep things casual, then enjoy the time you have together! When it comes to casual dating, the possibilities to try new things and make new memories are endless — so go forth and have fun!