15 Jungkook Memes Every BTS Fan Needs In Their Life

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Thanks to their dedicated ARMY, there's not a day that goes by when BTS isn't going viral on Twitter. BTS' ability to take over the internet is seen by the countless social media awards and records they've broken. For as many posts fans share about BTS' music and lyrics, they have just as many for their funny videos and tweets. Whenever the members pull a funny face in any of their posts, fans immediately screenshot it and add it to their meme folders (let's face it: everyone has one). BTS isn't afraid to be their natural selves in front of the cameras, and that's why these 15 Jungkook memes exist.

Every week, the ARMY gets a slew of BTS content on different platforms, giving them various opportunities to create so many memes. For example, YouTube is where the ARMY enjoys BTS' behind-the-scenes videos, while VLive is where they watch the members stream in real time. Whatever content it is, BTS always entertains fans with their hilarious antics and comments. In fact, because they have so many meme-worthy remarks, fans have created entire YouTube compilations and Twitter pages dedicated to BTS' best one-liners.

It would take forever to go through all of the members' best memes, so here are 15 featuring Jungkook to appreciate for now.

1. When you're going about your day and BTS announces their comeback.

2. When Jungkook finally posts a selfie on Twitter.

3. When you're jamming out to BTS and someone changes the song.

4. When BTS tweets something and the auto translation makes no sense.

5. When you're watching a BTS video with no subtitles.

6. When Map of the Soul: Persona didn't get nominated for a Grammy.

7. When you see a BTS clip online and try to remember which livestream or Run BTS! episode it's from.

8. When you start converting all your friends into BTS fans.

9. When BTS announed their new album wasn't MOTS: Ego or MOTS: Shadow, but MOTS: 7.

10. When you can't wait to wind down after a long day.

11. When you're trying to sleep but then you start thinking about BTS' music video theories.

12. When you wake up at 5 a.m. to watch BTS perform on a Korean award show.

13. When a BTS song starts randomly playing in the store.

14. When someone disses BTS online.

15. Finally, when you see a hilarious BTS meme.

Feel free to save any of these Jungkook memes, ARMY. They will only make your Twitter timeline that much more entertaining.