Coming up with the perfect caption for that romantic Instagram is so key.

14 Romantic Captions For IG Pics With Your SO That'll Make You Gush

You’ve snapped a phenomenal photo of you and bae (in which, miraculously, neither of you is blinking!), you’ve slapped a filter on it, and you’re ready to share it on the ‘Gram. The only problem? You’re totally strapped for ideas on a caption. Coming up with the right message to accompany a couple's photo can be challenging AF, but let’s be real — it’s oh so worth it. Because everyone knows that the perfect caption can rack up the “like” count. The most romantic Instagram captions are unabashedly honest, and more importantly, personalized to your own unique bond.

The first step toward crafting a flawless caption is considering what you want to get across. Are you trying to announce your brand-new relationship to the digital universe? Or are you just feeling super grateful for your longtime partner-in-crime, and want the social media sphere to know? Regardless of your intention, know this: you can totally gush about your boo without being generic (or causing any eye-rolls). It doesn’t matter if it errs on the side of humorous or heartfelt. When a caption is genuine, it’s bound to inspire some double taps.

Whether you’re having an amazing date night, you’re celebrating one year together, or you’re just feeling extra lovey-dovey on a regular ol’ Sunday, here are some romantic captions that are sure to make you and bae seem like the walking heart-eye emoji that you are.

When You're Going For Clever And Playful
Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

1. You make my heart feel as full as [pizza emoji] does, and that’s saying a lot.

2. You’re the matcha to my latte.

3. We go together like tacos and Tuesdays.

4. Couples that slay together, stay together. (Note: You can add a personalized element to this one by adding in your date night activity. For example: "Couples that slay [at trivia/bowling] together...")

5. Find someone who looks at you the way I look at a full glass of Prosecco after a long work week.

When You’re Going For Simple & Sweet

6. I’d swipe right on you any and every day.

7. "We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love, true love." — Robert Fulghum

8. #Blessed is an understatement.

9. True love is enough — and that means never having to come up with a caption.

When You're Going For Passionate And Profound
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10. "All's well that ends well to end up with you." — T. Swift

11. "No need for butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo." — Hailee Steinfeld

12. "Just one hit of you, I knew I'll never be the same." — Camila Cabello

13. "Life sure can try to put love through it, but we built this right, so nothing's ever gonna move it." — Maren Morris

14. "Then you come through like the sweetener." — Ariana Grande

Sometimes, the most romantic IG captions are the simplest ones. So, what's the lesson there? Don't stress too much over adding the perfect caption because in all likelihood, your photo is like-worthy enough on its own. Besides, when all else fails, you can always resort to the foolproof classic: #nocaptionneeded.