Here are some mental health resources to use after a breakup.
Going Through A Breakup? Here Are 14 Mental Health Resources To Turn To


You can never have too much help when you're healing from a breakup. Hopefully, you have friends and family you feel like you can lean on. Perhaps you also have a job or hobbies you enjoy that provide a healthy distraction from the heartbreak. But when those just don't feel like enough — which can be the case for anyone — there are so many mental health resources to use after a breakup that can help you cope with overwhelming negative emotions, gain some much-needed hope about the future, and eventually, move on.

Depending on the circumstances around the relationship that ended and the breakup itself, you could be dealing with a wide range of emotions, including sadness, guilt, and anger. You may also be struggling with feelings of rejection, betrayal, confusion over what went wrong, or loneliness without your former partner's presence in your life. Researchers have found that when you're nursing a broken heart, the emotions you're experiencing can trigger activity in the same area of the brain associated with physical pain. Basically, breakups hurt — in more ways than one.

While everyone has their own tactics for mourning a relationship, sometimes you may need some extra help outside of your immediate support network — and that's where these resources come in. From post-breakup advice hotlines to meditation apps, all of these tools are designed with one aim in mind: helping you not only survive your split, but ultimately thrive in spite of it.

RX Breakup
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Navigating that first month of single life can be tough, but RXBreakup boasts a 30-day recovery plan that just might be able to help you move forward with your life. The app, which was co-founded by couple's therapist and relationship expert Jane Reardon, is aimed at empowering you to let go of destructive patterns while also boosting your self-esteem.

When you check in each day, you'll also be given a new healing task, like tossing out reminders of your ex or putting together a breakup playlist. Meanwhile, the engaging journaling prompts allow you to get out of your head a little, and the practical advice is dished in the tone of a trusted bestie.

"Thank You Heartbreak" Podcast

Chelsea Leigh Trescott knows a thing or two about breakups. Her job is to coach people through them, step by step. But Trescott's philosophy on them is unique: She believes there's always an upside — a silver lining to these life-altering experiences — worth exploring. If you're eager to learn how to use your breakup as an opportunity for growth and inner strength, definitely tune into Thank You Heartbreak. In each episode of the podcast, she interviews a different guest (like Reiki masters, life mentors, and digital wellness coaches) about a different facet of love and loss.

"I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for the little light at the end of a tunnel even in times it doesn’t seem at all possible," says one Apple Podcast reviewer.

Trina Leckie's Breakup Hotline

Whether you're struggling to resist reaching out to your ex, you're on the fence about whether or not to break up with someone, or you're trapped in a toxic on-again, off-again situation, breakup coach Trina Leckie is on-call to help you work through it. While Leckie offers various types of coaching packages as well (including email support), her breakup hotline gives you open access to call her at your convenience for some one-on-one guidance.

"Don’t worry about 'bothering me' says Leckie on her site — you seriously can call me anytime."

There's no need to schedule an appointment — just call the breakup hotline at 1-855-683-5433 or 1-310-776-9600. The best part? The first 10 minutes are free for first-time callers (and after that, it's $1.25 per minute).

BTW, while you're at it, give Leckie a follow on Instagram for some additional post-breakup wisdom.

Breakup Boss
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A breakup can leave you feeling like you've lost control over your life, but Breakup Boss is all about making you feel like you're back in the driver's seat. Created by a long-time Cosmopolitan relationship columnist and the author of Textbook Romance, Zoë Foster Blake, the app dishes out advice as well as techniques to help you process — and own — your pain.

Without a doubt, one of the most refreshing exercises is writing an imaginary text to your ex (you know, so you can get your feels out in a safe space rather than impulsively sending them one in a moment of rage). You'll never feel alone with Breakup Boss, either, because the app sends a daily pep talk straight to your phone.


While there are numerous meditation apps out there, InsightTimer stands out due to the sheer volume and variety it offers. The app contains thousands of free guided meditations led by professional teachers worldwide. Best of all, you can search the app specifically for the keyword "breakups" to find relevant sessions.

A few gems to consider starting with include Nikki Rhodes' Meditation For Break Ups, Christina Sian McMahon's Meditation For Healing Heartbreak, or Dominic Beeton's Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart.

Therapist Directories With Sliding Scale Options

Talking to a licensed mental health professional can be immensely helpful when you're going through a breakup, but the reality is, not everyone can afford therapy. Fortunately, some therapists offer sliding scale fees (typically based on your income level) if you don't have insurance coverage or they don't accept your insurance.

Try using’s therapist directory to find therapists who offer discounted therapy and sliding-scale rates. After entering your zip code, just check the box for "offers sliding scale." You can also filter by insurance if you have mental health coverage. is another directory that allows you to search specifically for therapists with sliding scale fees.

Via App Store/Mend

Multiple App Store reviewers have called this app a "lifesaver" — and it's easy to see why. Mend is a free app that uses artificial intelligence to talk you through whatever you're experiencing after ending a relationship. After asking you specific questions about your breakup, Mend provides a personalized healing journey, which includes journaling and tracking your progress in a self-care log. Plus, all of the app's curated audio training guides are written by mental health and wellness experts, so you can trust their advice on coping with your breakup.

"This has helped me tremendously with my breakup, but also continuing to find the best and truest version of myself," wrote one reviewer.

Breakup Bestie

Kendra Allen, the host of this podcast, calls herself your "breakup bestie," and the name fits. In addition to her blog and online course about dealing with a breakup, her Heal Your Heartbreak podcast provides help and support while you're grieving your relationship. Each week, Allen explores a different topic — like how to deal if you and your ex have mutual friends, what to do when your ex starts dating someone new, how to get closure, and how to handle social media after a split.

Heartbroken Anonymous

As a producer on The Bachelor for two years, Naz Perez definitely understands the ins and outs of heartbreak. After helping a neighbor cope with the ending of a long-term relationship, she decided to start a group where people who were struggling post-breakup could come together to share their experiences in a safe and comfortable setting.

Heartbroken Anonymous is a virtual support group that meets via Zoom on the second Thursday of every month, and signups always begin the Sunday before. Whether you're eager to share your story or find solace in hearing what others are going through, this group can serve as a comforting reminder that you're definitely not alone.

Natalia Juarez

Natalia Juarez understands what it's like to experience the devastating loss of a relationship — she once went through a broken engagement. Now, she's a professional breakup coach and dating strategist who specializes in helping you "let go of your ex so you can heal your heart, get through this breakup with dignity, and move on with your life." Sound good? Then you'll want to give her a follow on Instagram, where she regularly drops #truthbombs like the post above.

Crisis Text Line

There may come a time when your post-breakup anxiety or depression is just too much to handle — and in those instances when you need on-demand support, you can reach out to the Crisis Text Line.

The text line is free to use (though standard fees may apply depending on your cell service provider/plan) and available 24/7. Just text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the U.S and you'll get connected with a trained crisis counselor who can help you work through whatever it is you're struggling with.

EXaholics Forums

Sometimes, you just need to talk to other people who know exactly what you're going through because they're in the same boat. When that's the case, hop onto the EXaholics forums or live chatroom — which you'll have access to after registering (for free) on the site.

Thousands of members are online every day to share their current struggles and offer advice on a wide range of topics relating to their breakups. And who knows? Maybe it'll give you a boost to share some of your own post-split wisdom, too.

Alexandra Elle's IG Account

Alexandra Elle is an author and wellness consultant and the author of multiple books and journals about self-care — which makes her a wonderful person to follow on Instagram when you're trying to navigate the aftermath of a breakup.

In between leading virtual self-care writing courses (as well as providing a few freebie prompts), and doling out life wisdom on her Hey, Girl podcast, she regularly posts inspiring quote cards on IG that are bound to give you a lift. Gotta love her "notes to self" — which include such gems as "you can love a person deeply and truly and still decide that doing so from a distance is best for your mental and emotional health."

Listeners On Call

Talking to your sister or your BFF is obviously helpful after a breakup, but your loved ones can't always fully relate to your struggles. That's why Listeners On Call can be such a refreshing alternative. This app-based platform anonymously connects you to a real person who's been in the same situation as you.

Calls are pretty affordable (averaging about $10-$15), and you can vent about whatever's on your mind — whether it's your fear of being single, your ex's confusing behavior, or your sadness over losing the relationship. It's a win-win. Not only will you and the other caller likely help each other, but you'll give your squad a break from hearing about the breakup, too.