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Download These 10 Meditation Apps For All The Good Vibes & Zen

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Sometimes, the stress that comes with your daily responsibilities, jam-packed schedule, or important work projects can be all too real. When you want to hit the refresh button, you might have a yoga routine that works wonders, or you may soak in the bath with a cup of tea and juicy read. You can also launch one of the best meditation apps on your phone.

These apps can bring zen into your life, and help you understand what's going on in your mind. With animated videos, calming sounds, and some guided exercises, they can ground you and give you helpful tools to use throughout your day. They may coach you on how to take a proper deep breath, or how to find peace at the beginning of your day, before having breakfast and brewing a hot cup of coffee. They may also ask what's going on in your life, and allow you to thoughtfully reflect on your friendships, relationships, and interactions.

These apps might be incredibly rejuvenating for you, especially if you pair them with a dose of sunshine or an afternoon of writing in a journal. Download them to experience some zen and maybe follow up your meditation session with a sweet yoga practice, too.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

The first of these apps is Headspace: Meditation & Sleep. It's a one stop shop for your meditation needs, and will educate you on your brain with adorable animations. If you're a newbie to the mindfulness game, this app gets you started with basic courses. After completing those courses, you'll want to explore the "Sleep" or "Move" tabs, too.

Balance: Meditation

Designed to fit your personal goals and needs, the Balance: Meditation app asks you questions about your lifestyle, and uses the answers to curate your practice. It also comes with tiny meditations you can do throughout the day.


Are you looking to add some calm vibes to your life? Then look no further than the Calm app. Whether you want to work on your ability to focus, self-esteem, or teach yourself to think differently, Calm will help you reach your goals. Download it ASAP.

Aura: Sleep & Mindfulness

If you don't have a lot of time in your day for mindfulness, then consider downloading the Aura: Sleep & Mindfulness app. This app comes with tons of three-minute meditations that'll calm your mind or start your day on the right foot. In addition, it asks you how you're feeling, so it can personalize your experience to your current needs.

Yoga & Meditation by Glo
Yoga & Meditation by Glo

If you like to work meditation into your exercise routine, Yoga & Meditation by Glo is a prime download. With an array of different yoga, breathing, and, of course, meditation practices, this app will treat you to a well-rounded experience. Be sure to check out all of its nifty features.

Sattva Meditations & Mantras

Sattva Meditations & Mantras takes your practice back to the ancients roots of meditation. According to the app description, each practice is delivered by a Sanskirt scholar who has mastered the art of the mind. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you'll find an amazing and rewarding playlist to follow along with. Start a mindfulness journey today and see where it takes you.

Ten Percent Happier Meditation

The Ten Percent Happier Meditation app combines meditation practice with cool videos, and has over 500 guided meditations on various topics. Meet the moment you're in with this app.

Simple Habit: Meditation App

If you're looking to schedule some meditation into your everyday life, the Simple Habit: Meditation App may be perfect for you. It encourages you to take five minutes per day to check in with your mind, so you can sleep, work, and continue to reach your goals. (Yes, please!)

Stop, Breathe & Think
Stop, Breathe & Think

Meditation typically requires you to follow three major steps: stop, breathe, and think. The Stop, Breathe & Think app will encourage you to follow those steps at least once a day. It even has a customizable breathing timer.

Oak — Meditation & Breathing

Last but not least, if you're looking to add some meditation and zen vibes to your life, download Oak — Meditation & Breathing. The earthy colors and designs in this app are so welcoming. After just one practice, you'll likely want to take another and form a true habit out of meditating and mindful breathing.

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