Three friends run through an airport with their suitcases because they're running late.
13 Relatable Tweets When You're Always Late To Everything & Can't Help It

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Rushing through an airport or getting stuck in a long line at your local coffee shop may be a regular occurrence for you. Even when you're on time — coffee in hand and makeup on point — you still manage to lose to the clock and relate to the many tweets about running late.

You might end up messaging your boss something like, "Hi, I'll be a few minutes late to the meeting," or missing your flight and having to buy another plane ticket. You could do everything right: pick out your look the night before, wake up at 7 a.m. instead of 7:30 a.m., nudge yourself out of your cozy blankets, and grab a bagel at home. Somehow, you'll arrive at your destination at 9:05 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. Don't fret, though, because you're certainly not alone.

For that very reason, you've become a professional at being the last one to arrive at class and explaining why you're late. Without delay, you've managed to lay in bed a little longer on mornings when you don't have the extra time and pet your dog for an extra 15 minutes, too. Your habit of running late is also why you can relate to these tweets that'll seriously speak to your soul.

When Your Bed Is To Blame

Rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn for work or class isn't easy. It requires serious willpower, especially on gloomy days or when you wake up earlier than usual and have a spare five minutes to spend with your blankets. Those five minutes, though, can very quickly turn into 10 or 15 minutes — and then you're late. Oops.

When You Get Distracted AF

Every once in a while, you're late because you got distracted. For example, you went for an extravagant eye shadow #look or got into a long discussion with your roomies about the dishwasher or historical traditions. Can anyone really blame you?

When You Make A Risky Decision

Time management and great decision making go hand in hand. On mornings when you're running late, you may throw both to the wind for all sorts of tasks. Instead of heading out the door, you end up washing your makeup brushes, organizing your closet, or looking for a caption for a post.

When Your Pet Comes Before The Clock

Running late is OK if your pet is involved, right? It's important that they receive all the belly rubs, treats, and attention they deserve. Not to mention, it would be terrible if you didn't put on their fave reality show while you were gone. How would they know how the season ends?!

When Everybody's Running Late, So It's Fine

If you're someone who is always running late, then you get a huge rush of relief when someone else is, too. Suddenly, the pressure to get out the door and onto the subway is off. You can even stop for a snack — maybe.

When The Weather Doesn't Do You Any Favors

Growing up in the likes of New England and being the textbook "late" friend means I understand when you're rushing and then walk out the door to an ice-covered car. In that moment, you freeze (like the ice on your car), and contemplate what's quicker: getting your scraper out, calling a ride, or walking to your destination. (Hm, tough call.)

When You Realize What's Making You Late

It's typical to wonder why you're always running late and hash over the details of your morning routine in your head. It's also pretty typical to realize your cat is the sole reason why you're walking into work meetings and classes, like, 15 minutes late. Worth it, though, right?

When Your Schedule Changes And You're Early

There may come a time in a "running late" person's life when they adjust to their early schedule without even realizing it. They get used to rushing out the door at a certain time or waking up early, that when their schedule changes they, well, aren't late anymore.

When The Red Lights Are Your Nemesis

The major "rule of the road" when you're running late is expect the red lights to undermine you, because they will. You'll be on your way to work or school, just barely on time, and then you'll hit traffic and every red light along the way. Make no mistake, though: When you're actually on-time or early, you'll hit every green light.

When Someone Steals Your Look

Running late can be an art form, because it requires a lot of multi-tasking. When you're in the shower, you have to figure out what you're wearing, and when you're doing your makeup, you have to be drinking your coffee, too. It's truly the worst when your getting ready grind gets interrupted by a sibling who has stolen your #look.

When Time Works In Mysterious Ways

Honestly, I think time is to blame for a lot of your running late habits. It always seems to be against you, especially when you have a suitcase in your hand and you're trying to catch a flight. In those moments, you may wish that you had TSA pre-check and could skip the general security lines or that your plane is not ahead of schedule. That would be a serious game-changer.

When Running Late Gets A Little Pricey

Some offices might put in place different incentives so their employees don't run late. And where it's great if you're on time (Free tacos? Yes, please.), it can get a little pricey if you're used to racing against the clock. Always being late? Nobody has the funds for that.

When Running Late Is Really A Talent

The perk of running late all the time is that you're a pro at it. No one does laying in bed or leisurely putting together an outfit when you only have five minutes to spare, like you. That deserves an award — a medal that's particularly sparkly. (I'll look into that for you, OK?)