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These Funny Tweets About Regifting Will Knock Your Xmas Socks Off

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Imagine this: It's your office's holiday party, and everybody's opening up their gifts. One of your coworkers — who had you for the Secret Santa gift exchange — hands you a bag filled with tissue paper. You begin to pull out the tissue paper to reveal an ~interesting~ board game, candle that does not match your color scheme, or perhaps a very ornate Christmas decoration. Instantly, you think of all the hilarious tweets about regifting you saw earlier that day, and how much you can relate.

The truth is, you're pretty sure you know what went down before your coworker handed you that gift bag. Like you, they attended a party and received a gift. They were likely grateful for receiving it, but it's not something they would ever use. So when it came time to needing a present for this exchange, they thought, "Hmm, this is the prime opportunity to regift that book I'll never read, or the casserole dish that's been in my basement, sitting in its box."

Can you blame them? You may have done the same thing to save a little money in your wallet at such an expensive time of year. And hey, why make some brand new items go to waste? That's why — whether you've been the one to regift an item or receive a regift — these tweets are so relatable. They'll give you a good laugh, or knock your festive socks off, if you will.

When Regifting Becomes A Strategy Game

The thing about regifting is that, sometimes, it never ends. A gift continues to get passed on, from one gift exchange to the next without ever landing in one place. It may sound sad, but in reality it leaves you with a lot of opportunity. In some cases, a gift you don't want turns into a gift that you do want. You just have to play your cards right, people!

When You're Really Just Trying To Save The Planet

Let's be honest: Regifting isn't so bad when you think about it in the grand scheme of things. It's saving the planet, by taking an item that would have been thrown away or collected dust and giving it a, hopefully, loving home. So, next time you get roasted for wrapping up a pre-picked out present, simply say, "Hey, it's recycled." Case closed.

When Your Gift Has Been Pre-Loved

It's a tale as old as time: getting a gift card that was already used. This gift has no shame that it's been regifted. In fact, it wears its "regifted" label with the utmost pride, until you reach the register at Starbucks or Panera. The cashier reveals there's only a dollar or two left, and you have to pay the remaining balance for your peppermint latte. Sarcastically, you reply, "Awesome!"

When There's A Christmas Song About Regifting

Have you ever listened closely to the lyrics of "Last Christmas" by Wham!? If not, please go stream this song immediately — I'll wait. The lyrics clearly state that someone gifted their crush a very romantic item — their heart. And then, their crush gave it away, like immediately. If that's not in the spirit of regifting, I don't know what is.

When You Never Thought You'd Be The Regifter

Sometimes, regifting sneaks up on you. One day, you say that you're never going to be the person who wraps up a present they received and low-key hated. The next day, you're covering a salad spinner in tissue paper and hoping for the best. TBH, I guess that's adulthood at its finest: realizing that other adults really have a game plan in mind and chocolate should never go wasted. 'Tis the season for regifting, fa la la la la...

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