Anastasia Beverly Hills' Amrezy Palette Is Gonna Be Your New Go-To

Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you thought Anastasia Beverly Hills would show down on collaborations with beauty influencers in 2020, then hi, you were dead wrong. We're only seven days into the new year, and ABH has already announced another gorg new palette, this time with Amra Olević Reyes, aka beauty and lifestyle influencer Amrezy. If the name sounds familiar, you might've swatched her previous ABH product, one of the brand's most blinding highlighters to date, the success of which now has everyone wondering where to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy collab when it drops. Tons of fans were devastated when they could no longer snag her highlighter, so it's safe to say Amrezy's palette will be just as popular. This girl knows good makeup.

When I first saw the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter debut back in 2018, I was shook at the pressed powder's silky smooth finish. It felt like satin to the touch, and left a luminous sheen on skin. Needless to say, I bought two in case it sold out, and it did. Sorry to everyone who wasn't as prepared as I was! ABH brought the product back towards the end of 2018 and it quickly sold out again, so it's no surprise they've teamed up with Amrezy once more to drop something new. Following the successes of both the Jackie Aina and Carli Bybel shadow palettes, the brand has announced Amrezy as the face of their latest influencer-inspired palette.

A vision in pink glitter, don'tcha think? The palette is stylized in Anastasia Beverly Hills's signature 16-shade layout, and in addition to all-new colors, it marks the introduction of a brand-new pressed glitter formula, too. Brands like Huda Beauty, HipDot, and Too Faced have really leaned in to the glitter shadow trend as of late, so it's no surprise ABH is ready to give it a go. Like the Amrezy Highlighter, the Amrezy Palette will be limited-edition, and shoppers can get it on the brand's website for $49 come January 14. After that, it'll hit retailers like Sephora both online and in stores on January 19. If you're interested, I highly suggest snagging it before it sells out, because spoiler alert, it will.