Jackie Aina Dropped A Palette With Anastasia Beverly Hills, & The Story Behind The Shades Is Incredible

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As someone who has been subscribed to Jackie Aina's YouTube channel from the start, know that I'm humming her "JackieJackieJackie" theme song in my head as I type this. Our girl is teaming up with one the best brands in beauty, and I couldn't be more excited for her! If you've seen the news on social media and are wondering how much the Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette costs, I'm here with all the deets, as well as an up-close look at the stunning palette itself. Spoiler alert, Auntie Jackie really did that. It's so, so good.

If you aren't already a Jackie Aina superfan, let me relay some stats. Aina has amassed an impressive 3.1 million followers on Youtube and 1.3 million followers on Instagram during her timeas a social media beauty guru,and in addition to her blending skills and attention to skincare, fans love her most for her vivacious personality and inability o keep it anything but real. When Aina likes something expensive, she doesn't feel uncomfortable justifying the price tag; when she finds a drugstore go-to, she's quick to give her followers the scoop. When she loves a product, she uses her makeup tutorials to show fans exactly how well it works on camera; when she dislikes something, she is honest about why, and vocal about what she'd like to see brands do differently. Aina has won over followers with her genuine personality, and ever an ABH fan, her decision to collab with the brand makes perfect sense.

"We are so happy to bring Jackie’s vision to life," the brand wrote on Instagram as they announced the palette and wished Aina a happy birthday:

Imagine getting to announce a major collaboration on your birthday? Talk about a high key flex! Aina stays killing it.

In the promo campaign, Aina is serving Kim Possible's Shego realness in a black and green fit with matching green wig:

The campaign images are pretty, but the palette itself? She's the real star of the show. Check out that rainbow faux-croc packaging!

Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Oh, and that bomb logo? Her boo Denis designed it. Swoon:

And inside, the shades are just as lovely:

Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

To be used wet or dry, the palette includes 14 matte and metallic shadows and pressed pigments, and in addition to being gorgeous, On Twitter, Aina noted that the color story was especially designed to suit dark skin tones.

"Finally, a palette where EYE, a melanin girl, can use ALL the shades without having to make them work or skip the ashy row," Aina celebrated on Twitter:

Aina then clarified that she had created "a palette for ALL skin tones, but it was especially made for medium/deep/dark complexions." Yes, girl! This is exactly the kind of magic Aina fans have come to expect.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, aka what it costs, when it drops, and where to buy:

Retailing at $45, the limited edition Jackie Aina x ABH Palette will drop on August 6 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, as well as online elsewhere and in stores come August 15. Hint, hint: There will also be an exclusive early access shoppable link posted on Jackie Aina's Instagram at some point on on August 5. You didn't hear it from me!