13 Tweets About Defining The Relationship That Will Make You Say, "Lol, Same"

by Christy Piña

Whether you've been in a relationship for a week, a month, or even a year, at some point you're going to have the, "What are we?" talk. While it seems simple enough, the talk is usually make or break for relationships. Are you just hooking up? Do you both have feelings, but you're just not ready to label them yet? Either way, there's no way of knowing for sure until you have the talk, and Twitter knows it. These tweets about defining the relationship are too relatable.

I feel like there had to be a time when dating wasn't this complicated. If you liked someone, you dated, and that was that. There was no doubt about whether or not you were in a relationship. If you spent your time together and talked as consistently as possible, that was all it took to confirm you were, indeed, in a relationship. Now it's kind of like a video game where you have to go through different levels: talking, dating, exclusivity, and then you can broach the topic of defining the relationship, which is a monster in and of itself.

It's scary to DTR, because what if you're on completely different levels? You're all the way on level 14, and they're still trying to make it past level one. There's almost always that risk, unfortunately. You could've been misreading the signs, thinking they wanted to move forward, when in reality they just wanted to keep things the same. That's why defining the relationship is so important — it helps you find out if you're both on the same page, and if you want the same things. Twitter users got real AF about defining the relationship, and honestly, I've never seen anything so accurate.

OK, but actually, when my boyfriend and I started sending each other memes, we definitely took the next step in our relationship.

LOL, in some of these relationships, it might be.

Yas, Bibi and Princess Jeli. They are both so right. Everyone has different reasons for avoiding the DTR talk, but if they're doing it just to keep one foot out the door in case they find someone else, their loss.

Personally, I would much rather not have to sit down and have the DTR talk. I hate confrontation and sitting there, laying everything out on the table. It makes me all squirmy, but I know it's important for the future of any relationship.

When you decide to have the DTR conversation is entirely up to you and your partner, but keep in mind, there's a chance you may be at different points in the relationship. If that's the case, it could be the end of it. But it doesn't have to be! Maybe they need you to slow down a bit, so that they can catch up. And when they do, you can proceed toward your happily ever after.

But that happily ever after can't come if you don't know where the two of you stand, hence the importance of DTR. I'm right there with you when it comes to wanting to avoid that conversation by all means, but in the long run, it's worth having, whether it be now or in three months. It doesn't matter. Just have the talk when you're ready, and when your partner is too.

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