13 Tinder Bios For Newly Single People Who Want To Get Back In The Game

by Sydnee Lyons

A few months ago, I swiped right on a guy whose Tinder bio read, "It's that 'just broke up with the toxic GF' time." Recently single myself, I thought his bio was clever and, dare I say, relatable. We matched, so I shot him what I thought was the perfect opener, "It's that 'just broke up with the toxic BF' time." The romantic comedy based on our lives is currently in production. Kidding! Sadly, we never even met in person. But even just joining Tinder after a breakup can be an awesome step forward.

If you've been out of the dating game for a while — like I was after my last breakup — you probably don't even know where to begin when it comes to dating apps. There are so many profile photo rules and other Tinder hacks to catch up on that you might be thinking about finally letting your mom set you up after all. Before you give her a call, may I remind you that the last person she set you up with showed up with a large, talking parrot perched on their shoulder? Great. Now that you've ruled that idea out again, let's get to work on your bio. While your Tinder bio should be always be straightforward about what you're looking for, you're allowed to have some fun with it if you're newly single. Just don't write, "New to this." Ugh. You're not boring — your bio shouldn't be, either.

In fact, there are a few other dating app clichés you should avoid in your bio, like including too many emojis or explaining your horoscope. Your re-introduction into the dating world should be unique and memorable!

Instead, here are 13 Tinder bio ideas for every single-girl mood to try.

When You're Ready To Laugh About Your Last Relationship

1. Just got out of a bad decision. Let's make some more?

2. My ex locked me out of their Netflix account. Can I use yours?

3. I left my emotional baggage at the door but I brought a small carry-on.

When You Have No Idea What You're Doing

4. *Taps mic*. Is thing on? How does this work?

5. I was trying to download Yelp and I ended up here instead.

When You're Looking For A New Relationship

6. Currently accepting big spoon (or little spoon) applications.

7. Like Justin Bieber, I'm just looking for somebody to love.

When You're All About Self-Improvement

8. Sydnee 2.0 Tinder Updates Available

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements
  • New photos
  • Recent ex-boyfriend removal

When You Want To Keep Things Casual

9. Looking for the next one, not "THE one."

When You're A Poetic Genius

10. Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm newly single, how about you?

When You're Real AF

11. Help! I've forgotten how to be single!

12. "Is everyone hanging out without me?" — The title of Mindy Kaling's book and me to Tinder after getting out of my last relationship.

When You're Worth All Five Stars

13. User reviews.

Ask your former partners to give you feedback or just quote all the favorable things they said about you while you were together. Of course, instead of using real names, you can just say something like, "former user," "frequent flyer," or "longtime member."

The reviews don't all have to be from your exes, either. I once saw a guy on Tinder say, "Fun in small doses — Mom," which was cute and hilarious. You can also make up the reviews; no one is going to fact-check you on Tinder, especially if it's obvious that you're just being funny.

Writing your Tinder bio is the first step to putting yourself out there. It's a sign that you're ready to move on from your last relationship and you should be proud of how far you've come. Make sure your bio reflects your real reason for being on there and have fun with it!

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