TBH, This Woman's Tinder Bio Shows We Should All Be Straight Up About What We Want

by Candice Jalili
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Back in the day, most people's dream was to somehow meet someone in real life, fall in love with said person by a stroke of magic, and then, get married and have babies. But the dream has changed. Yes, we're still ultimately looking for love, but now, we're looking for love through dating apps. But while we're at it... it would be pretty nice to go viral and get some free stuff in the process, you know? Well, one woman named Karolina's Tinder bio about going viral perfectly exemplifies this absolute millennial dream romance.

The 19-year-old's bio reads:

I'm looking here for someone who is going to talk to me here for a year. During that time we will both try to get as many followers on twitter as possible. Then we'll tweet screenshots of our conversations claiming that we've found a true soulmate in each other and tag tinder in it. Our goal is a buzzfeed article about us. When we get viral, tinder should, according to my research, offer to sponsor our wedding We'll get Britney to sing and I'll find out about the meaning of Baby one more time.

Check the full profile out for yourself below:

Naturally, someone came across her hilarious profile and posted it on Reddit, where, obviously, everyone gave her mad props.

People want wedding invites.

Ambitious. I hope you swiped right. I want an invitation to the wedding.


They're dying to know the meaning behind "Baby One More Time," too.

Sh*t I want to know the meaning of baby too, make it happen


They're impressed by how she was so seamlessly able to kill two birds with one stone.

That is one crazy...awesome plan. Become famous and find out the meaning of baby too.


She's the total package.

A strong honest woman full of ambition what else can you ask?


Karolína's plan isn't that far fetched, either. Last Summer, Tinder sent two of its users, Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas, who met on the app, on a fully paid trip to Hawaii, so they could finally have their first date after having talked on Tinder for years, without ever having met up in real life.

Not only did they get a beautiful, all-expense paid ending to their year-long courtship, but they also got to achieve what is clearly one of the highest honors of our time: They went viral. In fact, they went so viral that Good Morning America even brought them on as guests on their show.

So, Josh and Michelle are definitely a great model as far as what Karolína is looking for, but that's not enough. Yes, she wants to master the year of talking, and yes, she wants enough Twitter followers to get noticed when one of them posts a screenshot of their conversation on the app, and yes, she wants to light up every corner of the internet with her story, but Karolína still wants more.

While Josh and Michelle didn't quite end up having that spark everyone was hoping they would have, Karolína wants to marry the person she'll eventually play out this scheme with. And she doesn't want Tinder paying for any random vacation; she wants a WEDDING.

And that's not all! She also wants to know the meaning behind the song "Baby, One More Time" straight from the source: Britney Spears (who will be performing at her wedding, obvs). On the off chance that Tinder doesn't hire Britney to perform at Karolína's wedding, let me just say, I've always thought that song was about being addicted to someone's love and craving another "hit." But who knows? I'm not Britney!

It's a tall order, but I believe in Karolína. Hopefully, this article can help get her toward Step 1: Go Viral.

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