13 Photos Of Tyler C. From 'The Bachelorette' That'll Make You Swoon

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Jed Wyatt may have won (and lost) The Bachelorette. But the real winner of Season 15 is Bachelor Nation, whose TV screens and social media feeds have been perpetually blessed by one Tyler J. Cameron. Yes, Tyler C. is witty and charming, as well as goofy on Twitter. He never fails to come in hot with feminist clap-backs. He physically and digitally defends Hannah Brown against f*ckboys. But there's also another, glaring reason why this particular contestant is a delight. Looking at photos Of Tyler C. from The Bachelorette, there is no getting around it: the man is extremely hot. Like distractingly hot.

To be frank, watching Tyler C. do his thing — aka being hot and lovely this season — had me sliding back a few points on the Kinsey scale. He's a smooth 26 years old and an Aquarius, which, admittedly, is perfect for a 20-something Libra like myself. He's also tall, which never hurts, and has a slight Southern Florida accent which adds to the charm. Hands down, one of the most physically attractive aspects of Tyler C. are his dreamy, ocean-colored eyes. And extra points for the times Bachelor Nation has watched Tyler C. fix Hannah with his ultra-intense gaze, as if she's the only thing on God's green Earth that matters.

And if that thought alone doesn't make you swoon, here are 13 swoon-worthy pics of Tyler C. from The Bachelorette — make sure you've got your Gatorade ready.

A really Floridian reminder

This photo is the perfect intersection of Tyler C.'s identities, those being model and hot Florida boy (thank you Next Models Management and equally gorgeous Jupiter, FL). This post boasts blue skies, clear water, and Tyler is serving abs as well as scruff. What's not to like?

And he cleans up well

The salmon blazer is just one of Tyler's winning looks. Throughout Season 15, Bachelor Nation has been thirst-trapped by all kinds of vibrant, immaculately tailored suits that make Tyler C.'s modeling gigs and football player past quite apparent.

Tyler inventing golden hour

And if the first quintessentially Floridian pic wasn't enough, here's proof that the sun loves Tyler C. as much as Tyler C. loves Hannah.

A European postcard, basically

Tyler and Hannah, framed by tulips, with their heads nestled together and soft, warm smiles on their face: I want this pinned to my fridge with a cute Netherlands magnet, please!

The model leaping out

And this was the Insta post that truly did it for me. Just as I was really getting into The Bachelorette, one of my friends had shared this post to her story. It caught my attention for obvious reasons. It wasn't until I went to the post out of curiosity that I realized, "Oh, this is a hottie I already know." It was all downhill from here.

An inside as beautiful as the outside

Tyler C. works with ABC Food Tours, an organization that educates kids and exposes them to new cultural experiences via food. Tyler surrounded by kids cheesing over some lit sushi is definitely worth the double tap.

A personality pic for the ages

As it turns out, Tyler's brother Ryan is just as adorable and breaking out into dance runs in the Cameron family.

Tyler and Hannah on Day 1

Gosh, remember when Tyler C. was a shiny, new opportunity for Bachelor Nation to thirst?

The best part of hometowns

The sunscreen moment was probably the most steamy and iconic Tyler moment of Season 15 — second in steaminess to the Tyler-Hannah massage scene, and second in iconic-ness to Hannah and Tyler talking about respecting boundaries.

A tender, floral surprise

Tyler and Hannah's chemistry is so apparent and heartwarming in this photo. It just makes my heart feel like bursting. Even Mike and Dustin cracked a smile looking at them.

Funny + hot = winning combination

It's endearing when who's hot also has a corny sense of humor. It's a solid indicator that they're actually quite down-to-earth, which is something Bachelor Nation has always delighted in with Tyler.

Late-night food runs

Honestly, the Bachelorette/Bachelor needs to start doing late-night fast food runs for one-on-ones. You can learn a lot about someone hitting up a burger joint at 1 a.m. And good to know Tyler will also bring a cute, furry friend along for the ride.

The ship we need to sail

Even though this photo is an oldie, Hannah's smile says everything. What with the Jed debacle, Hannah asking Tyler out, and the hard-to-miss Hannah-Tyler chemistry, it's difficult not to root for this couple to make it past the Final Rose. Judging from August 2019 pics of Tyler leaving Hannah's place, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Whether it's on The Bachelor, the 'gram, or hopefully by Hannah's side as her bae, Bachelor Nation will always be blessed to see more of Tyler C.'s deliciousness, in all of its glorious forms.

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