These dating-themed Instagram accounts will refresh your love life.
13 Dating-Themed Instagram Accounts That'll Refresh Your Love Life


You already know that the 'Gram is a treasure trove of style inspiration, beauty tutorials, hilarious memes, and drool-worthy recipes. But did you know that it's also a goldmine filled with dating and relationship tips? If you're looking to up your IQ in the love department, there are a ton of dating-themed Instagram accounts that dole out wisdom on the daily — from practical advice for couples on handling conflict to reassuring quotes for people who just went through a breakup.

Which accounts you choose to follow will likely depend on where you're at RN. Just got out of a toxic relationship? There's an account for that. Struggling to embrace your single status? There's totally an account for that. Need a laugh after a string of disappointing Bumble dates? Oh, fam, there are more than a few accounts for that (see: @textsfromyourex). One reason why Instagram is now a popular forum for dating-related content is that a slew of experts in the field — from couple's counselors to matchmakers and breakup coaches — have been using the platform to dish out their much-needed insight.

So, whether you're single AF, just started falling for someone new, are happily embedded in a healthy relationship, or are trying to move on from a painful split, you'll def want to hit "follow" on these accounts for some much-needed perspective.


In her IG bio, licensed couples therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw says she’s “on a mission for healthy relationships” — and all of her content is clearly geared toward accomplishing just that. Earnshaw’s posts are packed with actionable info on everything from signs of gaslighting to rituals for couples who live together, all of which can definitely benefit people at any stage of a serious relationship. However, it’s her handy little conversation hacks that really stand out — like ”repeat back what the person said to get them to say more,” and “before you add your two cents during a pause in conversation, count to five to make sure the person is truly finished.” Amen.


Calling all people-pleasers and perfectionists: author, podcaster, and speaker Natalie Lue has some words for you. Specifically, she’s eager to help you overcome self-sabotaging tendencies so you can have happier relationships. Her account is packed with such shareable quotes as, “don’t settle for breadcrumbs in a relationship, you’ll wind up feeling malnourished,” to, “patterns are what you’ve learned to survive, but they don’t let you thrive” (mic drop). Oh — and be sure to scope out all her posts that provide specific guidance on different ways to say “no,” too. Hooray for boundaries!


As they say, laughter is the best medicine — and the witty, timely comics created by Brooklyn-based Samantha Rothenberg, which revolve around the woes of modern dating, are bound to have you ROTFL. My personal favorite? An illustration of a medical prescription that simply reads "block his a**."


Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis, the CEO of Agape Match, sets people up for a living — so she kind of knows what she's talking about when it comes to matters of the heart. In fact, she's been personally responsible for 3,500 first dates in the last 10 years. Be sure to scope out her #AskAMatchmaker Live Instagram series every Wednesday, when she answers people’s burning dating questions on her IG Story. The pearls of wisdom she imparts ranges from advice on getting over a breakup to getting out of the dreaded friend zone — but no matter what issue she's addressing, she always responds with a refreshing dose of honesty.


Who doesn't love a good meet-cute? If you're looking for stories from real couples to swoon over, @thewaywemet is chock full of them. Some of them are just cute AF, like the story of a millennial who was determined to find her grandma's soul mate, and successfully did just that after peeling through countless online dating profiles. Others are downright tear-jerkers — like the tale about a girl who found out her mother died while traveling in Italy, prompting a guy she literally just met to fly home with her and attend the funeral so she didn't have to be alone (naturally, they fell madly in love amid the tragedy). Whether you've already found your person or you need a little boost of hope that they're still out there, follow this romance-packed account ASAP.


Therapist and writer Nedra Glover Tawwab calls herself a “boundaries expert” — hence, her Instagram is brimming with super helpful guidance on what kinds of behavior you shouldn’t accept in a relationship, how to be a more supportive and respectful partner, and why you end up trapped in certain unhealthy cycles (as well as how to break out of them). Best of all, Tawwab’s advice is typically formatted into clear-cut bulleted lists — for example, signs of a one-sided relationship and affirmations for codependency — which makes her insight easily digestible.


This account is run by journalist Olivia Petter, the host of a podcast with the same name. While the feed reflects many of the same topics they cover on their show, the @millennial_love IG is more focused around hilarious memes about modern dating that feel all *too* real. These are the kinds of posts you'll instantly want to share with your bestie via DM — that is, after you've cackled about them for a few minutes and finally recovered.


Feeling a little jaded by the dating world today? Scrolling through 26-year-old Darya's (@tinymoron) doodles is just what the doctor ordered. Her LOL-worthy posts include such gems as a post-breakup bingo chart, a list of texting-only dating dilemmas, and a comparison drawing of how you feel about your ex (indifferent) vs. how your BFF feels about them (murderous). Fam, trust me when I say that these sketches are bound to resonate with you on some level.


Setting, maintaining, and reinforcing boundaries is just about one of the toughest things you have to do in a relationship — but it’s also one of the most important. Not only does relationship coach Silvy Khoucasian dig into these topics on her Instagram account, but she also offers helpful reminders about how to be more aware and sensitive of your partner’s limits as well. From her inspiring quotes on recognizing and honoring your own emotional bandwidth to her bulleted communication tips tailored to your SO’s attachment style, her account is a must-follow if you’re in a long-term relationship and seeking tools to be an all-around better partner.


Don't be surprised if the comics by London-based counselor-meets-cartoonist Adriana Manhattan hit you on a gut-level. After all, her take on modern love, relationships, and attachment revolve around all the common struggles you face while trying to find love in the age of Tinder, ghosting, and your true frenemy, social media. From her candid posts about dating anxiety to her accurate pie charts about getting over your ex, it's almost like she's been reading your mind.


IG posts by Eliza G. Boquin read like your BFF’s texts when they’re trying to give you a reality check — that is, if they just so happened to be a licensed therapist. As her bio states, Boquin’s specialty is helping women heal from traumatic past dating experiences, but she also offers astute direction on everything from loving yourself more fully to embracing confrontation. I’d be lying if I said a few of her short, astute truth bombs didn’t leave me totally speechless.


Keep having the same argument with your boo over in over? Wondering how to tackle a difficult conversation with them? No matter what your conundrum is, Dr. Betsy, a California-based therapist and relationship expert, has probably covered it on her Instagram feed. She doles out insight on a wide range of unique topics, like personal issues that can contribute to your partner's lying, signs you're feeling unsafe in a relationship, and examples of fighting dirty. Not to mention, her pithy quotes about love are so profound that you just might want to re-post them.


Halima Boutaleb, the 24-year old behind @imdatfeminist, was inspired to launch this account after she ended a toxic on-again, off-again relationship. When she stumbled upon an IG that read, "if he cared about you, he’d text you," she realized that these kinds of straightforward reminders were exactly what millennial women need more of. So, that's exactly what you can expect if you follow her ultra-popular feed. Do you keep falling into the same dating trap, only to end up hurt and frustrated? Boutaleb's posts may be just the wake-up call you need: they're equal parts empathetic and empowering, which a dash of tell-it-like-it-is brutal honesty.