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12 Underrated Milestones With Your SO That You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Being in a relationship can be such a beautiful whirlwind. One day, you might grab pizza with someone who slid into your DMs and laugh over the memes you've seen on the Internet while perusing the menu. Flash-forward a couple years later, and you may have an adorable apartment together in your hometown and endless memories, inside jokes, and tropical trips in the books. Life may feel so blissful, and the underrated milestones with your SO might get overlooked — simply because you're so happy.

That's OK. It's never too late to crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate these milestones, or take a moment to appreciate how far you and your partner have come. As a matter of fact, you should celebrate everything that makes you happy and feels momentous to you, even if it's been months since you and your love officially became regulars at your favorite coffee shop. It's important to recognize the times you're proud of or could end up in a scrapbook one day, such as the first time you spent the holidays as a couple or went to a baseball game and split some chicken tenders and French fries.

Here are the 12 milestones, in particular, that are underrated but shouldn't be overlooked. Celebrate them today and always.

The First Time You Kiss
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Let's start with a semi-cliché one: the first time you and your SO kiss. This may mark the beginning of a dreamy relationship or the end of a successful date night. In addition, it's a moment you typically remember every single detail of.

The First Time You Watch A Movie Together

You and your partner have gone, and will go, through a lot of firsts together — including when you watch a movie together and split a bowl of popcorn for the first time. This may be the night when you discover what your SO's favorite candy is, or their shared love for romantic comedies.

When You Start To Finish Each Other's Sentences

The time when you and your love start to finish each other's sentences is an underrated milestone. It shows that you two are on the same wavelength and can pick up on each other's body language and unspoken cues.

When You Pick Out Your Favorite Pizza Place

On nights when you and your SO want to order takeout or go out to eat, you may have a long debate about where to go. You might ask pressing questions like, "Do you want Italian food or sushi," or "Do you want to try the new restaurant in the city?" The moment you stop asking those questions and mutually agree on a go-to pizza place you both love is momentous.

The First Time You Meet Each Other's Pets

TBH, meeting your SO's pets can sometimes be more nerve-wracking than meeting their family members. That's because you want their sweet pup or cuddly cat to love cuddling with you and get excited when they see your face. When they lick your hand or start wagging their tail, you know you're in, though, and have an adorable milestone to celebrate.

The First Time You Go On A Coffee Date

Having coffee in a cute café with your SO is something straight out of the movies. It may mark the first time you hear an amazing story about the person you love, or an afternoon that's filled with bliss. During your relationship, you'll likely go back to the place you had that coffee date and slide into the same booth. Can I get an "aww?"

When You Go Grocery Shopping Together
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Relationships make mundane tasks like going to the grocery store so much fun. There's nothing quite like walking down the aisles with your SO by your side and picking out your favorite snacks and breakfast cereals. When you do this #necessary to-do list item together, it's a certified milestone.

When You Tell Them An Embarrassing Story

When you tell your love the embarrassing story of when you wore a costume to work on Halloween and nobody else did, or tripped going up the stairs in your high school, you've reached an incredible and new level of your relationship. You're now comfortable enough with your SO that you tell them literally everything — even if it's a little awkward or makes your cheeks turn red.

The First Time You See Photos Of Each Other As Kids

There comes a point in most relationships when you see photo albums filled with first day of school pics and other old-school snaps of each other as kids. This may happen when you're with your SO's family, or when you're telling hilarious stories about where you grew up and the games of baseball you used to play in your backyard. Either way, it may require some tissues.

The First Time You Have An Overnighter
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Don't overlook the first time you and your SO have an adult sleepover, otherwise known as an overnighter. It might mark lots of "firsts," including the first time you make a tasty meal together or snuggle up in each other's arms. To say the least, it's noteworthy.

When You Buy A Piece Of Furniture Together

Whether you've moved in with your SO or not, the day you buy a piece of furniture together is a milestone. Maybe you picked up a couch that you both love, or a dresser where you can put all of your clothes. Either way, it symbolizes that you're moving forward and have a space with the title, "ours."

When You Establish Your Sides Of The Bed

Last but not least, one of the most underrated milestones in the relationship book is when you and your SO establish your sides of the bed. It happens pretty under the radar, which is why you probably don't celebrate it nearly enough. But now you know and won't let the other underrated milestones in your relationship pass you by.

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