12 Tweets About Terrible Breakups That Will Strike A Chord

The term “bad breakup” has long baffled me because TBH, a lot of my breakups have hurt pretty badly. But the truth is, there are bad breakups, and then there are terrible ones. And if you’ve experienced the latter, you know how much havoc it can wreak on your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. That’s probably why the countless tweets about terrible breakups hit you on a gut level. Because there’s something about these painful experiences that bind us together, and lend a sense of camaraderie and compassion, like vets exchanging war stories.

While peeling through some of the many tweets about breakups, I came across several different kinds of sentiments. There's a slew of inspirational posts brimming with positivity and hope. Then, there are the lighthearted or sarcastic posts that find humor in the horrors of a breakup. And finally, there are an array of straight-up heart-wrenching posts that candidly shed light on just how painful a breakup can be. IMO, there’s value in reading all three. Because what’s a breakup, if not a rollercoaster of emotions? One day, you’re laughing with your besties about your ex’s lame Snapchat story, and the next day you’re sobbing into a pint of Halo Top, wondering where it all went wrong.

In the same way that commiserating with your bestie about the breakup over a bottle of rosé may make you feel a tad better, reading some insight from strangers who are going through a similar experience may help you to feel less alone. Alas, here are a handful of tweets that are not only relatable AF, but also packed with just the kind of levity, wisdom, and uncensored honesty you need after a relationship ends.

When Time Heals Everything

Remember: Even if you can't see it, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

When You Still Know The Password

You might as well still be able to binge-watch Black Mirror on your ex's dime. (Think of it as a parting gift.)

When You've Been 'It'

Works. Every. Time.

When Self-Love Is The Answer

No pain, no gain — right?

When You're Feeling Badder Than Ever

Being f*ckboi-free is a cleanse worth celebrating, IMHO.

When T. Swift Gives You Hope

BRB, listening to "Me!" on repeat.

When You Have To Find A New Spot

You ruined love — did you have to ruin Chick-fil-A for me as well?

When Being Newly Single Is A Whole Mood


When Your Search History Says It All

"Siri, is love dead?"

When Triggers Are Everywhere

It's pretty tempting to watch Love Actually for the 14th time, but on the other hand, you're not a total masochist.

When You're Impulsive AF

The regret is real, y'all.

When Ari Would Be Proud

"She taught me love / She taught me patience / How she handles pain / That sh*t's amazing."

Reading about other peoples’ experiences with terrible breakups may not help you to instantly get over yours, but it definitely doesn't hurt, right? Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder that you’re not alone in your struggles to give you some newfound perspective on your situation. So, remember, whether laughter, optimism, or commiseration is your ideal medicine while healing from a terrible breakup, there’s a tweet for that.