15 Tweets About Breakups That Feel Way Too Real, So Break Out The Tissues

If you're currently experiencing your own breakup, or are reflecting on one in the past, you'll know it's hard to find the "right" way to cope. There are so many uncertainties: How long are you supposed to be sad? When do you start dating again? What details should you tell people and what should you leave out? Should you be friends with your ex, and if so, what does that communication look like? Tweets about breakups show that there are a variety of ways to handle the aftermath, and that no one way is right.

Regardless of whether you were best friends with your ex and the breakup is immediate and everything is raw and awful, or you've felt numb in the relationship for awhile and feel relieved to be relinquished from the relationship, a breakup can still signify a major change in your life. Beyond blasting breakup playlists on Spotify to the loudest your speakers will go, speaking to your closest friends, and watching your favorite TV show, you may find a bit of comfort in some tweets as well. You may not know these people, but you'll probably relate to their experiences, and seeing it laid out for you will validate your own feelings as well. Read on for some tweets about breakups.

Leaving Your Best Friend Is The Worst
tattedupbreezy on Twitter

Especially when they're the person who usually helps you get through hard situations in your life.

Your Ex's Behavior Speaks Volumes
leonm713 on Twitter

If your ex trash talks you after your breakup, it shows more about their character than yours, TBH.

Breakups Can Bring Out People's True Colors
natashalinette on Twitter

And at least you're done with them, since you know they're not who you thought they were. But it can still maximize the pain so much more to feel like you meant nothing.

This Could Sometimes Be Worse
sahilkhan187 on Twitter

Yes, have experienced that before. It's like you have to mourn something that could've been, and all of the possibilities of that lost.

You May Try To Hide Your Emotions
amairaniilimon on Twitter

But they'll probably resurface at a later point.

Some People Hold Tight To Those In Their Life
sbrowan17 on Twitter

... And refuse to let go.

Maybe Those Feelings Left A Long Time Ago
tortayllachip on Twitter

... And you're done giving the relationship any more parts of you.

Even If The Breakup Is Mutual, It Can Still Sting
haylei_marie on Twitter

And honestly, likely true.

Value Yourself And Know What You Want
broken on Twitter

You'll be able to realize what you deserve in your next relationship.

You Don't Owe Anyone Your Time
maryamhasnaa on Twitter

It's OK to move on when things are no longer right, no matter how long you've been together.

Don't Take Your Partner For Granted
hazellvee on Twitter

This is 100 percent true.

Realizing This Hurts
kammrynkop on Twitter

But you'll find another person.

This Is So True
leslynnt17 on Twitter

After a breakup, it's understandable you'll need time to move on. It's not fair to put your heartache and confused feelings on someone else, since you wouldn't want that to happen to you either.

There Will Be Way Less Pain Involved, Most Likely
parkercherry47 on Twitter

It's much better to just end things. And cheating make everything so much messier.

And Finally? Believe Positive Things Are Coming Your Way
theliteoracle on Twitter

Experiencing a break up is often painful, sad, and filled with emotions. But trust yourself, learn from the experience, and believe that better people and relationships are in your future.

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