3 Breakup Apps To Try So You Don't Have To Go Through This Rough Patch Alone

Going through a breakup is always a tough thing. Even if it was your decision, parting ways with someone and saying goodbye to their place in your life is an adjustment. Old-school ways to get over a breakup included blasting music, eating ice cream, and crying into your friends' shoulders. With modern technology, we can now get over breakups with apps. Yep, our little devices can help mend our broken hearts. The following are a list of the best breakup apps that will do the hard work for you to move on from that person who is no longer in your life.

These apps all offer guidance, support, and the help you need to process and move on in your life in a healthy, personal, and accessible manner. Because sometimes a therapist is too expensive. Or your breakup playlist on Spotify is getting to redundant. And while your friend may say she's on-call 24/7 during your breakup, if you can't go to sleep at two in the morning and need a way to deal with the pain, you can always turn to your apps. Check out some of the best breakup apps to help you get through this time below.


On Mend, you listen to daily training recordings designed to help you process your breakup and move on. You're also guided to do a journaling activity, in which you let out your thoughts and feelings. According to the app, you have "access to a stream of advice, stories, and interviews that will keep you motivated and inspired." The app then categorizes weeks into themes, to target a specific facet of your wellness, like "heartbreak" or "exes."

The app is free the first seven days, and then has other pricing options, starting at $9.99 per month. It is for those 12 years old and older.

Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup is another app option to help you get over your ex. This one differs in that it has a 30-day program and is meant to feel like you're interacting with a friend of yours. It also offers writing prompts, and has a feature that lets you identify red flags in your previous relationship. You can opt in to a pep talk push notification on your phone to help you out, as well.

Rx Breakup is free and you must be 17 years old or older to download.

Break-Up Boss

Break-Up Boss really helps you dig into your emotions at the same time and its proceeds go to a good cause. It has a "Feel Wheel" where you can pinpoint a specific situation or feeling you're dreading and in turn, receive advice. There's a feature where you can "send a text" to your ex, without actually doing so, but still lets you vent out your emotions as if you were.

Break-Up Boss is $5.99, for those nine years old and older, and donates 10 percent of proceeds to domestic violence charity Safe Steps.

Whatever you choose to do in order to cope with a breakup, make sure you're processing and moving on in a healthy and productive way.

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